Keeping up for a longer countertop experience

One of the investments that will offer you years of beautiful service is the natural stone you have in your home, office, or commercial space. Simple care and upkeep will help preserve the beauty of your stone for centuries to come.

Homeowners who make kitchen countertops choices based not only on aesthetics but on common sense get the best value and receive the highest investment return. When you look at the kitchen’s luxury quartz countertops for the best value, remember the maintenance. 

Savvy homeowners will always appreciate everything in the kitchen that is low-maintenance. Significantly, the work surfaces and work station. However, low-maintenance does not mean that you do not experience comfort and elegance.

Luxury quartz countertops are composed of quartz stone, pigments, and resin. Naturally, these granite-like countertops are glossy and do not need polishing. To ensure they retain their luster, some care is required. They are more difficult to damage than other countertops, such as laminate and Corian. But they require maintenance and regular supervision with some care tips. Here are a few of them:

  • Use non-abrasive cleaners to take care of quartz countertops, and prevent hard pressure and sudden temperature changes.
  • Use a soft rag & mild detergent to clean it down. If practicable, clean the luxury quartz countertops with soap and warm water every day. For honed surfaces, wipe them down more frequently, as needed. 
  • Surfaces tend to make common signs of usage more noticeable, such as fingerprints. 
  • Scrape the dried gunk free Using a blunt scraper, such as a putty knife, made of plastic, To extract hardened spills or accumulations such as gum, grease, nail polish, or paint.
  • Use a degreasing cleaner to wash away grease. Spray the counter with a degreasing or disinfectant cleaner which does not contain chlorine. Alternatively, use bleach-free wipes and disinfectant. Rinse it with a towel or wet rag directly afterward. 
  • Always Look for cleaning items formulated specifically for luxury quartz countertops.
  • If you’re unsure whether a particular cleaning product is safe to use on your countertops, check your countertops’ brand online or by phone. 
  • Use an adhesive remover to remove tough stains. Wet a tissue with a citrus cleaner. If the color is incredibly rough, consider spraying a bit of cleaner on the stain and let it be there for a few minutes before cleaning it up. Follow up with warm water by washing the counter well. 
  • Using rubbing alcohol with denatured/isopropyl. With rubbing alcohol, wet a rag. With a wet rag, rub the stain. Follow up with warm water by washing the luxury quartz countertops well. For stubborn stains that have not been cleaned by water or soap, try this: ink, a permanent marker.
  • For a deep scrub, use a glass cleaner sometimes. Make sure that the cleaner is good with your countertop brand. Spray the countertops with a glass cleaner. Enable a few minutes for it to sit. Then with a wet rag, wipe it clean.
  • Wipe away spills as quickly as possible. For a short period, quartz resists certain stains. However, to prevent the stain setting, you can clean spills as soon as possible. Immediate treatment of spills with water and mild detergent.
  • Wine, coffee, and tea are other spills that can permanently stain quartz.
  • Guard against high temperatures on your countertops. Using hot plates, bowls, crock pots, and electric skillets with trivets or mats underneath. Place coasters in cold glasses under the drinks, mainly if the drinks contain citrus juice or alcohol. 
  • While the luxury quartz countertops can withstand temperatures of up to 300 ° F (150 ° C), rapid changes in temperature, known as thermal shock.” can harm it.
  • Stop the use of knives directly on the surface of the quartz. When you want to slice or dice, use a cutting board set on top of the fridge. Quartz countertops are incredibly scratch-resistant, but they are not scratch-proof and sharp objects will damage them. You will also be benefited by using a cutting board to prevent dulling your sharp knives.

On your luxury quartz countertops, resist pressure or force. Don’t just drop heavy things on your counters. If you still need to move your countertops, carry them carefully. The countertop surface can be chipped and broken by excessive force. 

You can also void your warranty by violating this tip.

For a happy and long countertops experience, pick up the most suitable tips from the list.

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