Kim Kardashian didn’t wear her wedding ring

Until the past few weeks, we did notice that Kim Kardashian has not worn her wedding ring and it was pretty evident through the pictures that she had posted recently on her Instagram story. This incident is noted since the past few weeks wherein a source had exclusively reported the media that it might be some sort of message to the Kim fans. One of the insider has explained to it saying that she often opts to go without her ring, and that might have been the case this time as well. 

Also, it was stated that she often skips wearing the wedding ring in a lot of her pics and may be because she prefers to go for a clean look this time. Besides, it was stated that she usually stays in a relaxed mood while she is at home and thus, she often prefers not to wear it but the fans seem to be reading it otherwise!

In a recent Instagram post shared by Kim, we saw her rocking a clean look as she was lounging at home. She shared a pic on 6th of January wherein we saw her wearing a nude SKIMS lingerie set. Kim had last worn her ring in a video that she had shared on 14th of December. No wonder even if the claim that ‘divorce is imminent,’ for Kanye and Kim was out, it is witnessed that Kim had been doing all possible things to save her marriage but they have still been going through several troubles. They have been going through counseling sessions and it is evident that she is not the one trying to give up on it. 

They have had very little of their own time and it is only because of the kids that they have come together off late. The parents of the 4 kids had gone through a really tough patch back during July, 2020 when Kanye had posted a series of controversial tweets writing notes and looking ahead to get divorced and sharing the fact that Kim and his mother in law, Kris Jenner alleged to lock him up, as in a psychiatric hold. Kim expressed her support for Kanye regarding his bipolar disorder and Kanye had even shared a public apology on the same back then in August 2020, which was indeed a lot of ups and downs.

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