Kohler presents the smart speaker of the shower and the taps and toilets without contact


Kohler continues to expand its smart home kitchen and bathroom product line with the introduction of a smart shower speaker so you can sing in the shower. It also has a home water purification system, a contactless kitchen faucet, a contactless toilet and a new smart shower system.

Kohler, based in Wisconsin, will present these smart home products at CES 2020, the big tech fair in Las Vegas next week. Larry Yuen, president of the kitchen and bathroom group at Kohler, said in a statement that the company is adding smart controls and hands-free experiences. And that means that the innovations you see in bathrooms or commercial kitchens are coming to homes. It is like a cascade of technology, as these technologies begin at the upper end and eventually reach your home.

It just isn't my home yet. I am waiting for the day when smart products cost no more than normal products. But that can be an illusion.

If you like smart and similar urinals, you can control many of them through the Kohler Konnect application for iOS and Android devices. Developed by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Kohler Konnect offers support on selected products for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

New additions to Kohler's smart home offer on display at CES 2020 include:

Above: Moxie shower head with smart speaker.

Image credit: Kohler

Moxie shower head + smart speaker: The new Moxie shower head and the wireless smart speaker combine the Kohler Performance shower with the sound designed by Harman Kardon. The shower head features a full coverage sprayer and a smart speaker with built-in voice assistant. The portable speaker offers a natural sound balance and the assistant allows hands-free control.

Above: the water purification system connected to the Kohler application.

Image credit: Kohler

Aquifer Refine water purification system with Kohler Konnect: You can add this to any kitchen, giving access to quality water every day in your home. With three-stage filtration, the aquifer refiner removes harmful contaminants such as lead, mercury, selected pharmaceuticals, bacteria and viruses from the kitchen water. It has Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor water use and filter life, built-in leak detection and optional automatic filter reset through Amazon Dart.

Above: Kohler's contactless tap.

Image credit: Kohler

Setra non-contact kitchen tap with Kohler Konnect: Kohler adds to its portfolio of contactless kitchen faucets and connected to Setra, offering contactless on / off operation through a sensor and on / off operation and dispensing measured through a voice assistant. Setra also monitors water use and allows consumers to track consumption in the Kohler Konnect application.

Above: Kohler DTV mode shower system.

Image credit: Kohler

Digital shower system in DTV mode: DTV mode provides a Kohler digital shower button control with an integrated temperature dial. DTV mode is available in three configurations: bath / shower, double shower and bathroom only. Create custom bathroom presets, adjust the maximum temperature for added security and remotely start your shower or bath from the application.

Contactless toilet: The new contactless toilet offers contactless discharge through a sensor in the toilet discharge lever. When you pass your hand in front of the lever, it can be rinsed without spreading bacteria. The download lever also features a night light, which you can adjust through the Kohler application.

In recent years, Kohler introduced other smart home products:

Verdera Voice light mirror: It has a toilet mirror, adjustable LED lights, a motion-activated orientation night light and hermetically sealed speakers that maximize stereo sound quality.

Sensate contactless kitchen faucet: The Sensate contactless kitchen faucet with Kohler Konnect allows users to open and close the water and dispense measured amounts of water through manual control, motion-based interactions or simple voice commands.

Numi 2.0 smart toilet: Numi offers water efficiency controls, custom cleaning and drying functions, a heated seat and high quality integrated speakers. The dynamic multicolored ambient lighting and audio enhancements in Kohler's flagship smart toilet make it unique. Amazon Alexa integrated into the product provides access to tens of thousands of skills and simple voice control of Numi's features.

DTV + shower system: The DTV + shower system gathers water, sound, steam and lighting to provide a spa experience. A touch screen interface allows each item to be controlled and customized. Kohler Konnect adds voice control and applications to access presets, make adjustments or use water saving functions.

PureWarmth heated toilet seat: The PureWarmth heated toilet seat offers three temperature settings and an integrated adjustable nightlight. The PureWarmth application allows you to adjust the temperature level and heat time, as well as the duration and lighting environment.

Kohler automatic reserve generators: Kohler standby automatic generators are permanently installed outside a house, similar to a central air conditioning unit. They connect to existing natural gas or propane lines and turn on automatically in a matter of seconds when the power goes out. Backup generators can power an entire house.


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