Kourtney Kardashian looks really sizzling in black mini dress

Kourtney Kardashian has recently grabbed a lot of attention and she has been looking awfully stunning in the black mini dress and knee high stockings. She adorned herself so wonderfully for the Blood Red photoshoot. Indeed, her fashion sense is something that can keep everyone awestruck. She has been killing it with her outfit and it has recently turned out to be the talk of the town for the year 2021. She has been nailing it again with another amazing black outfit and this time, she was seen to be wearing a black mini dress with sexy stockings. Kourtney gets an A-plus for her wardrobe sense off late and she vowed her fans with a sexy sheer black corset. She wore matching trousers on 4th of January and this time, all over again, she is back in another black outfit. 

On 7th of January, we saw her posting several photos on Instagram, and no doubt, this 41 years old star was looking simply gorgeous in all the images. From the pictures that she had posted of late, we could see her including 2 snapshots of her own self on the set with bright red lighting that were set in a bedroom motif. Also, Kourtney had worn a chic long-sleeved black mini dress featuring a very short skirt, alongside a belted waistline that flaunted off her trim midsection. The short hemline of the skirt revealed her toned thighs and she even wore leg hugging sheer black stockings that reached up to the length of her knees. Kourtney’s legs looked really long in the images. 

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Kourtney’s set revealed in the picture on her Instagram handle

Kourtney went with chunky black platform shoes along with a wide heel and the sultry expression on her face, as witnessed in her very first photo looked really stunning. In the second image, she was seen with a bright smile as if she knew that she was looking really pretty in her mirror selfies. Kourtney had captioned her photos as “Blood Red” which was nothing but the color of the room that she was in! There was a bed located right behind her and it was adorned with multiple decorative pillows placed on it. Also, there has been a vintage looking lamp that appeared to be descending right from the ceiling. 

There was a faux fur rug lying at the base of the bed, and there was also a retro chair situated in one of the corners. Also, there has been a 60s style lamp on the other side. The floors and the ceiling had a furry texture to it, and it appeared as if everything was shot amidst the red. Certainly, Kourtney and her sexy black outfit were the only exception! She wore a bright red lipstick and her hair was tied in a side part with a sultry wave downside, at one side.

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