Kurt Angle to return to WWE TV this Wednesday on NXT | Newsdio


WWE has just announced that one of the greatest fighters of all time, Kurt Angle, will be on NXT next Wednesday night.

Angle will be the special referee for the cage fight between Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle.

The Hall of Fame was among the list of names released last month as part of the budget cuts. It is not yet clear if it will be a one-time appearance or if he will return to the company. Angle had been working behind the scenes as a producer since his retirement game.

Thatcher recently activated Riddle after Thatcher replaced Pete Dunne, who is currently unable to travel to the United States.

Riddle then beat Thatcher two weeks ago and that led Thatcher to call for a match with the stipulation that the winner can only be declared after a knockout or knockout. Riddle then increased the stakes by suggesting that his match be a cage match.

WWE expects a change for NXT as ratings have dropped during the pandemic.


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