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Entertainment reporter and founder of Reel Talker, Jim Alexander, interviews C.J, "Lana" Perry. Lana talks about her approach and love for acting. His current WWE story with Rusev and Lashley. Relationship advice and what did you learn about dating when you were younger? And much more. To watch the full video interview visit the following link.

On his approach to telling stories and acting (5:25): What I love about acting and telling stories is that you can learn more about what is happening in the world. You can learn about things you have not been exposed to. For example, parallel universes, I was never exposed to that idea.

On his approach to life (8:35): I've always been so motivated by my career. You can't forget to live life. We have to choose a moment and simply cry and drink the good bourbon, and simply experience life. What is life if you can't live it?

About romance and love (9:20): I have always felt that love is a choice. That is why the pairing has worked for centuries and centuries. If you open up to someone and give yourself and the relationship a chance, I really feel you can't fall in love with many people.


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