Lassie, George of the Jungle and Mr. Magoo Reboots arrive at CBS All Access


Classic TV shows Girl, Mr. MagooY George of the jungle are receiving animation restart treatment in CBS All Access. Launched over 5 years ago, CBS All Access has thrown its hat into the ring of fierce competition between Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and others. A vital competitor in the broadcast service wars, CBS All Access shot to new heights after developing original content and high profile series that include, Star Trek: Picard, The twilight zone, The good fight, and Stephen King's new adaptation of The support.

Revered as one of the most emblematic characters of children's programming, Girl, Mr. MagooY George of the jungle They have received numerous adaptations and reimagining over the years. Created by writer Elizabeth Gaskell, Lassie's character and her main adventures adorned the small screen for 19 seasons, making the show the fifth largest television series in primetime. The Simpsons, Law, Gun smokeY Law and order: SVU. Lassie was last seen in animated series Lassie's new adventures. Extremely short-sighted and stubborn Mr. Magoo appeared in two animated series, and was also brought to life by actor Leslie Nielson in the Disney live action adaptation, Mr. Magoo. Inspired by Tarzan, George of the jungle He was hailed as one of the best cartoon characters of all time and became a blockbuster with a George of the jungle movie starring Brendan Fraiser as the main character. Now, CBS All Access is paving the way for these dear characters to return.

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As reported to Variety, CBS All Access has ordered animated reboots of Girl, Mr. MagooY George of the jungle. The new additions, which will be launched in the broadcast from January 17, are intended to complete the children's programming catalog and will come from Dreamworks Animation Classic Media. The president of CBS Interactive, Marc DeBevoise, spoke about the incursion into children's content, and declared: "We have seen a tremendous response from our subscribers in just a few months since CBS All Access began offering children's programming. ”This occurs amid reports of other more adult-oriented programs such as a Silence of inocents Television show starring Clarice, who also joined CBS.

Girl, Mr. MagooY George of the jungle will join the now live Bob the Builder, Inspector GadgetY The adventures of the Paddington bear Sample currently available. Young viewers who wish to have the opportunity to enjoy more original animated content can also expect new seasons of Cloudy with the possibility of meatballs Y Danger mouse Get to CBS All Access.

In an era of reboots and revivals, one centered on an animated series is always a success or a mistake. Recent years have shown that no show or toy for children is off the radar to restart the film. Nevertheless, Girl, Mr. Magoo, and George of the Jungle each possess a massive fan base and could take CBS All Access forward in an attempt to corner children's programming in a time of fierce competition with the Disney animation mestizo. Given the longevity and familiarity of the associated character, it is a good choice CBS All Access’Part to bring Girl, Mr. MagooY George of the jungle Back to life.

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