‘Last Day On Earth’: A new addiction for Gamers!

Last Day on Earth game

If you are a video games lover, you must be familiar with  ‘Last Day On Earth’, one of the most popular survival game released yet. The game is the 172MB mobile application full of action, thrill, collection and challenges.

The players have to stay alive in the world full of enemies and zombies. The goal is to survive as long as you can. This is one of those games which will consume you like anything. Sounds Interesting?

It is a 3-D mobile video game in which the player has to fight to stay alive in a world full of Zombies and enemies. The game was released on June 22, 2017 and since then it is getting a lot of popularity. Published by Kefir Games, It’s a multiplayer high play base online game which is becoming popular day by day.

The gamer enters a world populated with plants and wildlife and craft furniture, buildings and other stuff for the survival in the world to claim his territory. The point is to survive as long as you can fighting with enemies and zombies with the crafted tools and connecting with other players to form groups. These groups will further support the survival process which is the whole point of the game.

Last Day on Earth

Interesting features of the game

  • There is an option to create your own tools like axe, trucks and cars to cover the land and escape enemies which are quite fun.
  • You can connect with other players and form a group by constructing a radio tower and can later fight as a group.
  • Surviving a dangerous situation is in a constant fight with zombies in an apocalyptic world.

The gamer is constantly being attacked all the time so the main target of the game is to stay alive. You have to dave yourself from the zombies and scab as many resources as possible. After some scavenging, you can craft buildings, tools, food, and even vehicles.

It is a lot like ‘Don’t Starve before’. The game involves you to roam around, attack or hide from the enemies, cutting trees, earning experience points. In the beginning, it seems like you are travelling up quickly but then gradually it will take a lot of time further.

Initially, You might not be having any types of equipment but after achieving level 10th,  you will be able to make your first set. The game gets more and more interesting with levelling up.

As per the expert players, you should try to find the blueprint and get the backpack as soon as possible. It is important to remember that you have a limited inventory. Also one should build the 3*3 home as early as possible and then furnish it with all available things.

Though it is one of the most popular and promising survival game, it has some missing elements and corrections to be worked on. For example, many users have experienced trouble in loading the game, when your energy is low merchant shop and more things will appear, a bunch of events will occur randomly and so on.

Despite all this, the game is getting huge popularity. Anyway, it is still in the developing stage. We hope that the production company will work on the flaws which are hindering on the way for it to become the best survival game released till yet.

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