Let the Right One In: Story of a Vampire – Storyline, Release date, cast and characters

Vampire Let Them In
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This is a story about Let The Right One In. Let The Right One In was released in 2008 and it has an interesting cast, such as Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson. This tells the story of twelve-year-old Oskar who is bullied by his classmates and lives with his mother Eli, who doesn’t seem to take care of him very well. He meets a girl named Abby, who appears to be much older than she really is which gives her an eerie appearance at first glance, but Oskar soon finds out that she’s not just any girl – she’s a vampire!

To Let The Right One In or not to Let The Right One In, that is the question. Let The Right One in tells the story of twelve-year-old Oskar who meets Abby and she turns out to be a vampire. Let me tell you more about this movie!

Cast and characters:

– Kåre Hedebrant: Oskar

– Lina Leandersson: Eli

– Per Ragnar: Father/Oskar’s boss at the pizzeria where he works part-time as a delivery boy.

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– Rikard – “Klister” Gustafsson as Martin, the bully that Oskar and his friend Tommy are afraid of.

– Henrik Dahlman: The headmaster at the school

– Tomas Bolme: The owner of a pizzeria where Oskar works part-time as a delivery boy.

Plot details:

Let The Right One In is about Oskar who gets bullied in school and has a difficult time living with his mother until he meets Abby. She turns out to be a vampire that lives next door but Oskar doesn’t know she is a vampire. Let The Right One In was an interesting movie, it’s not your typical love story but the ending is what really gets you on this one.


Let The Right One In will captivate you until the end and I would recommend watching it if you like horror or supernatural stories.

Let The Right One In' in review – The Spectator
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The Let the Right One In is a good example of that because it goes into depth about vampire mythology, which I haven’t seen in other movies before. It’s more than just one girl who falls for another and they kiss at the end while everyone claps-let I tell you guys, Let The Right One In has so much more than that to offer.

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It is a fantastic vampire story and it has very good writing, acting, directing and cinematography. The best part about Let The Right One In is that you will never get bored of watching this one again because there are so many different aspects from vampires falling in love with humans to them feeding on them to a romantic relationship that develops.

Let the Right One In is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again because it’s not like other vampire films–it differs in so many ways, which makes it all the more interesting to me.”

What does Let The Right One In mean?

Let The Right One In is an odd title for a vampire story. Let the right one in tells two stories- one of Eli, who is new to town and happens upon Oskar, a lonely boy who believes he has no family or friends. After hearing his sad tale about being bullied at school and having trouble with adults too, she befriends him and shares some of her dark secrets with him despite his elementary school age. Let The Right One In also tells the story of Oskar’s family and their relationship problems- one with each other, but mostly between father and son.”

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“With Let, The Wrong One Out is the name for a vampire movie in Swedish, it seems like Let The Right One In is meant to be more of a vampire-human love story. Let The Right One In is directed by Tomas Alfredson and has been adapted from the novel Let the right one in, written by John Ajvide Lindqvist.”

The film begins with Oskar being bullied on his way home from school. Eli saves him, having just moved into town as well. Oskar becomes fascinated with Eli and friends her on his email account. One day he invites himself over to see Eli which gets him into trouble with the adult in charge of him.”

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