Lindsay Lohan is back with a new music video


Lindsay Lohan is back! Did she really ever go somewhere? That is up for debate, but now is a good time to promote his imminent return. However, she will not be returning to the big screen, as far as we know. Instead, he is about to release a new music video, from which we received a small tasting spoon courtesy of his official Instagram.

The images in the video build Lindsay Lohan as a darling of the tabloids, but it's been a minute since she made the rounds. A scrambled cable sign turns to snow. Through the storm, we see the evolution of Lindsay, her name repeated numerous times on images of paparazzi. We see his ghost riding the whip at a service station. There's a lot of nostalgia about the entire short video clip that should calm those expecting a true sequel to Bad Girls or The parent trap. Two simple words accompany the teaser.

"I came back."

It is unknown which song he is promoting, or if there is even a real music video as no music is heard in the short clip. Lindsay Lohan released two consecutive albums with Speak in 2004 and A Little More Personal (Raw) in 2005. While we're pretty sure a new song is imminent, Lohan hasn't revealed whether or not this new song is part of one more song. big. musical project, or if it is being released as a single.

Lindsay Lohan was recently seen playing Katerina West on the television show Sickness note. She also appeared in the movie Among the Shadows. He will soon star in the movie. Damned playing set. Mary Branigan The film follows a prominent psychiatrist in a state hospital struggling with insanity and dark supernatural force as he and a female police detective compete to prevent an escaped patient from killing five people held hostage in a remote mansion.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Tina Fey is turning her Bad Girls Broadway musical in a movie, which will basically be a remake of the original comedy complete with songs this time. Casting has not been mentioned yet. But we have to imagine that Lindsay Lohan and some of the other original cast members will have to introduce themselves in some way.

While Bad Girls got a direct video sequel with Bad Girls 2, none of the original cast appeared again. It has been said that a true sequel is taking place, but that it never came to fruition. There is a direct sequel in the form of a comic. For now, we will have to be content to know that Lindsay Lohan is back and that she is about to release some kind of music to us. Hopefully it's the upbeat kind of song that we can all use right now. This comes directly from Lindsay Lohan's Instagram.


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