Listen to James Bond's deliciously twisted James Bond song


Billie Eilish believes that James Bond is "the coolest film franchise ever."


It is a match that nobody saw coming: Billie eilish, the singer whose characteristic horror pop style has won the Grammys and the title of the best pop star in the world, will perform James Bond & # 39; s Last opening credits song. Sharing the film's title, No Time To Die, Eilish's effort is a refreshing version of one of Hollywood's most dusty franchises, and you can listen to it now.

"It feels crazy to be part of this in every way," Eilish said in January, when news was first announced that he would perform the song. "Being able to record the main song of a film that is part of such a legendary series is a great honor. James Bond is the coolest film franchise that has ever existed. I'm still in shock."

Eilish wrote and produced the theme of Bond's 25th film with his brother and composing collaborator Finneas.

"There are a select few who record a Bond theme," said director Cary Fukunaga about his participation. "I am a great admirer of Billie and Finneas. Their creative integrity and talent are second to none and I cannot wait for the public to hear what they have brought: a fresh new perspective whose voice will echo in the generations to come."

Hans Zimmer and star Daniel Craig will mark No Time To Die in their fifth and final performance as 007. The film will hit theaters on April 2 in the United Kingdom, April 8 in Australia and April 10 in the United States. United.


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