Liz Peek: Invisible Joe Biden – Can the Democratic candidate really hide on Election Day?


It turns out that Joe Biden may have been a critical gamer in the plot to frame retired three-star general Michael Flynn. But don't expect journalists to ask you about it. They can not

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has not held a press conference in 87 days. Think about it. The man who wants to be the next President of the United States does not find it appropriate to answer questions about:

The protests and riots that rocked Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Washington and other Democrat-led cities after George Floyd's death.


The growing movement within Biden's party for #DefundThePolice and the growing attacks on police officers.

The takeover of downtown Seattle by anarchists.

The criminal destruction of historical statues across the country.

Tara Reade's allegations of sexual assault against Biden.

Tens of millions without work.

And much more…

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Almost three months of non-stop drama and heartbreak have passed for our country, and candidate Biden has remained silent. Occasionally he has read written comments from a teleprompter, and has sometimes spoken to local media. But he has refused to answer questions, even from a highly supportive press.

For most Americans, Biden is the invisible candidate.

Uncle Joe is without a doubt running the strangest presidential campaign in the history of this nation. Not only does she refuse to interact freely with funders, the press, or the general public, but her sponsors increasingly advise her not to.

Recently, when the former vice president approached a small forum in Pennsylvania, journalists stood 50 feet away from the candidate and politely yelled, "What about a press conference, sir?" Neither Biden nor his handlers responded.

Aside from that little event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Biden has left his basement only a handful of times, mostly driving trips to nearby places where he delivers prepared speeches and then slips away before anyone can ask questions. His only plane flight took him to Houston to attend George Floyd's funeral.

His managers want him incommunicado; They know that every time Biden opens his mouth, it could destroy his chances of overthrowing Trump.

Even his virtual fundraising events are curtailed, and the candidate reportedly answers one or two preset questions and then hangs up on the phone. His wife Jill is doing much of the heavy lifting, recently holding, for example, a virtual roundtable with Senator Kamala Harris, D-California, where she discussed "Joe's plan" for medical care. Did any of the attendees wonder why Joe himself was not the host of the conversation?

Perhaps the most revealing decision of his campaign was to decline an interview in late April with the New York Times, even when many criticized his lack of commitment. Although the liberal Times had a duty to treat the former vice president with kindness (and he did, despite the rejection), "Biden's campaign refused to make him available …"

The most surprising thing is that Uncle Joe's invisibility is working for him. When he first descended into his basement, he led President Trump by about six points, according to RealClearPolitics. Today, that advantage has expanded to nine points.

Additionally, Biden is raising cash, raising nearly $ 81 million in May and beating Trump's formidable $ 74 million.

His managers want him incommunicado; They know that every time Biden opens his mouth, it could destroy his chances of overthrowing Trump.

Remember it was only five weeks ago that Biden told radio host Charlamagne tha God that "if you have a problem figuring out if it's for me or Trump, then you're not black," prompting widespread condemnation and a fall in Biden's polls.

Most recently, he told the Lancaster group that the coronavirus had killed 120 million Americans, instead of 122,000.

He followed that nonsense with this typical verbal tie: "Donald Trump must stop worrying about his appearance to start worrying about what the United States has happened to the rest of the United States."

Republicans are optimistic that Trump will defeat Biden in traditional presidential debates, and they have asked the Presidential Debates Commission to allow a fourth meeting. They argue that with more early voting by mail, they should meet in early September; Currently, the first debate is scheduled for September 29.

Democrats have left that idea cold. Having seen Biden stumble frequently during primary debates, they know that free trade could sink their candidate.

Furthermore, knowing that Trump is energized by a live debate audience, Democratic officials are using COVID-19 as an excuse to dispense with that tradition. They also hope that without the ritual booing and clapping, the debates will be less interesting and the audience crater.

They have also shortened their convention, eliminating opportunities for the candidate to meet with sponsors or the press, hoping that few will tune in.

You have to ask yourself, can Biden really hide on Election Day?


It seems unimaginable that Americans choose a man who is afraid to speak to them. They may hate Trump, and they can blame him for the nation's problems, but can they really vote for a candidate incapable of defending himself in public?

Biden is not at home for free. Strategists have noted that you need a large turnout to win. He will not succeed unless he can generate enthusiasm among Democrats, enthusiasm that is clearly lacking today.

Speaking to Stephen Colbert after the infamous interview with Biden, Charlamagne tha God implored the candidate to work the hardest, and especially for the black votes. “We only know that there were 4.4 million registered voters who showed up in 2012 but did not show up in 2016, and some of them are black. So there is no guarantee that they will appear this year. So you really have to give them a reason to show up. "


It is not just the black community that needs to hear more from Biden. In the recent Kentucky primaries, Biden only garnered 58 percent of the Democratic vote; Donald Trump won 98 percent of the Republican votes.

Biden can lead the polls, but he has work to do. Work that can't be done in a basement.



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