Logging into Canara Bank Online is easy!

Canara Bank has been in service since 1906. It is certainly in the phase of creating easy banking services for the users who always get the best of features as a proud account holder of the bank. Since, the bank has favored the use of technology where it has really ensured quality banking services, thanks to user friendly operational services where net banking and mobile banking services are noteworthy features. Yes, it has certainly created a more increasing and awesome beginning for customers in today’s age where Canara Bank Online Banking has seen faster and safer operations along with increasing users who rely on the online banking services. Why not, when the bank  has created a full-fledged digital branch facility thanks to automating its robotic assistance for clients who have found an easy and quick way of opening accounts and performing series of transactions in an awesome manner. Let’s  now address few important queries:-

How can I activate my Canara Bank Account?

  • Visit official Canara Bank net banking website https://www.canarabank.in/.
  • Click on ‘Net Banking’ button
  • Thereafter, you will see the ‘New User Button’, click on the same
  • Now, as part of a mandatory feature you will enter on a page where a series of terms and conditions are visible.  Read the same, and click on ‘I agree’ button so that you can continue with the registration process
  • You have to now provide the details in the form of account number, debit card number, registered mobile number along with customer ID
  • You have to again click on ‘I agree” while you see at the bottom of the page
  •  The next screen will show you the transaction reference number. You have to authenticate the process while receiving the OTP as you have to enter the same two time
  • As you enter it, click on ‘Submit’ button                                       
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How can I know my User ID and Password for Canara Bank?

In order to know your User ID, refer to your passbook.  Regarding password,  you need to generate a strong password yourself. Now, this is the time for you to ensure a very important task of choosing the login password. Do that, and based on the same you have to enter it two times, then click on ‘Submit’.

Process to login to Canara Bank net banking portal

·         Visit the official site https://www.canarabank.in/

·         Click on ‘Net Banking’ button

·         Enter your personal details in the form of username, password and captcha while you then click on ‘Login’ button

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·         You will move to a dashboard where you can choose the type of service you wish to.

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How can I activate mobile banking in Canara Bank?

  • Refer the official website https://www.canarabank.in/, for installing the mobile app namely CanMobileapp
  • After it is done, tap on New User Registration button
  • Enter mobile number, then tap on Register button
  • You will receive an SMS detailing about your User ID and MPIN
  • Then, you will get an OTP
  • Enter OTP in the app
  • After it is authenticated, you will get a message detailing about the ‘success message’ on screen
  • The final step requires you to enter ATM details in the app, and this is how you have successfully completed the process
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