Looking for Google Pixel 4 deals? These EE rates eliminate everything else right now.


The Google Pixel 4, the last phone of the search engine giant, has been around for a few months. In that time, we have seen prices go up, down, left, right and almost every imaginable direction, but now, the costs seem to have been resolved … at least for a network.

Currently, the EE network seems to have secured all the cheapest offers from Google Pixel 4. That means that there are currently options ranging from £ 23 per month (with many upfront costs, of course) to free initial plans in the US that give you many options.

However, when there are so many options, choosing the perfect plan can be daunting. That is why we analyze a lot of Pixel 4 plans and choose the best three available in the US at this time.

We have listed these three plans below so you can find your perfect contract. And if you find that everyone is missing in the data department, try this 100 GB data.

These offers of Google Pixel 4 market leaders:

Is the Google Pixel 4 good?

Google Pixel 4 offers a number of innovative features and important updates. It is the first phone that fully implements the motion detection functions, which allows you to use the phone with gestures.

The processor has received an important update, finally raising the Pixel range to competitive RAM standards, and the OLED display has seen significant improvements, now capable of 90 HZ update rates and offers environmental equalization technology that allows you to adjust the screen to its surroundings.

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