Louisville Police Fired with Two Detectives who are involved in Breonna Taylor

Detective Joshua received the pre-termination letter in the department. Interim chief police sent the information for employees. Professional status investigation tries to find the incident. The Jaynes violate the standard operating procedure, and they prepared the search warrant execution, and it is untruthfulness. They stated that the actions have put in discredit by yourself and the department. Furthermore, they conducted a severely damaged picture in our department, which is established in the community. The Gentry writes these statements. They cannot tolerate these types of conduct or untruthfulness with any members. Police were immediately hearing the scheduled matter for Thursday, which is according to the letter. 

Clay Investigation

Clay is told that formality is heard because no confusions are present in his mind, and the decisions are reached for termination. Clay is making the investigation process for clarifying the doubts. They stated that it was the predetermination hearing. Clay believed in the fiasco investigation process, which brought undue blame. The scapegoat is made by the detective Jaynes through a ridiculous and whimsical investigation by the Metro police department.   

The police said that they made the discussion and case study for this incident. Police union stated that they were aware of the two members, and they also received the predetermination letter, and it might be coordinated with them and attorneys in the process. Brett Hankison is the former detective who has been indicated, but Taylor is killed at the movement. He had the three types of count in the wanton endangerment in the first degree, which is the firing of blindly bullets, and it ended with an apartment next to the Taylor. He has pleaded no guilt. Moreover, he was fired in June Month.  

The investigation letter includes the intention to terminate the employee department, and it helps for the reviewing. And they help with finding the standard professional investigation at the Taylor apartment. Louisville police shot Taylor in the drug raid in March month. The officers are knocked and claim themselves, but they don’t receive any responses. But Taylor’s boyfriend said that the police did not identify themselves. Walker makes the fire when the door will be opened. And he makes the belief for breaking in.

Furthermore, the letter clearly explained that violating standard procedure helps prepare the warrant execution, and it was untruthful. The actions are brought discredit upon yourself and their department. This incident severely damages the department image. And the Gentry does not tolerate the conducting type and untruthfulness in the Louisville police department. Detective Jaynes makes a scapegoat through a whimsical investigation by the metro department. And case indication is performed by Hanikson, and he makes a clear definition for all incidents. This incident caused panic on the people’s side, and this incident had many curious investigations. Their case study gives the clear definition for this incident and it makes the great impact on industry. Investigation gives many unknown facts in the case. But some people are increased to making many rumours in this case. 

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