Madden NFL 21 Coverage Adjustments Guide

How to set coverage adjustments for improve your defense in Madden NFL 21? In this guide, we will give you the useful tips and tricks in coverage adjustments, which surely will help you get strong defensive without spending real money to buy MUT 21 Coins.

You got to understand the basic coverages, the main ones are your cover 2 man, two zone and cover three that’s what most people run now. You obviously have some other things like cover four can be really good as well. You just wanna make sure that you’re not using a play that says cover four quarters or cover four palms, because those actually play man defense even though they look like zone, it gets a little confusing. So if you want to use a cover 4 make sure the play says cover 4 drop that’s how you know it’s an all-out zone. But otherwise cover 3 and cover 2 are really the main two coverages people use in Madden 21. 

  • Man Defense

Man defense is good for like end of half situations where you just want everybody manned up you want people over the top or like really long yard situations where you just don’t want to give up a big play and you want everybody accounted for. But man-to-man otherwise is usually something people just mix in, because it’s too easy to abuse man coverage in men. If you have enough Madden Coins, you could get top rated player to improve your man defense. 

  • Cover 3 Sky
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Cover three against most players, you know that aren’t super like skilled and know how to glitch out the game for lack of a better term. Cover 3 will protect you against most deep passes, it’ll also rally down to the flats to kind of limit the yards, you can get the main weakness is going to be over the short middle because you only have these two hook curls. So that’s usually where you would want to get on a user defender and try to manually take things away yourself. But again unless you’re playing someone that’s really skilled and knows how to take advantage of the deep zones, you shouldn’t get bombed too much using a cover 3. 

  • Cover 2 Man

Cover 2 is really good at keeping most things in front of it and they just rally down to the ball, it makes people have to work. The main weakness is the deep middle back here, because usually this linebacker doesn’t get far enough back here. And sometimes these safeties split out too wide so you can get beat deep down there, so that might be something you want to watch manually, or a good trick you can do is you can manually drop this player into a deep zone. You do this by pressing A on Xbox X & Playstation, and then you see you have zone assignments on the screen, you can press up and that drops them into a deep blue kind of just helps protect the deep middle, but now your shallow middle is going to be a little bit more open. So again you have to account for this with one of your user defenders kind of jumping over the middle to keep things from getting exposed. 

  • Shading Coverages
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Let’s talk about shading coverages and just coverage adjustments because this goes hand in hand with coverages. So if you press wire triangle, you see your coverage adjustments pop up. If you want to give cushion because you’re just worried about somebody burning you over the top, you need to put players back you and pull up your covered adjustments, you can give cushion by pressing up on the stick on the left stick. If you want to press the defense, you do the same thing coverage adjustments down on the left stick, now everybody’s going to get pressed at the line, this is good if you keep safety help over the top, but if it’s one-on-one, you could get burned. If you want to show blitz, you can do that it kind of brings the extra player into the box, it gives the offense a kind of a worry that maybe you’re sending a blitz it’s not something you’re probably going to use too often though. 

You can also base the line your defense too, which kind of just centers everything up and it makes everything look the same. You can also use your coverage adjustments to shade, this is really important for things like stopping underneath routes. So things like drag routes people have a tough time stopping drags and they say “oh they’re so broken, I can’t stop them”, well the thing is you have to shade your defense down to account for, because if not you can pick up some decent five yards.

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