Maddie Hasson talks about James Wan's evil work


EXCLUSIVE: Maddie Hasson Talks About Working With James Wan For Malignant

As the world waits with bated breath for more information on Evil one, James Wan's return to the horror genre, had a chance to chat with star Maddie Hasson about how to work with the modern horror guru.

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As she described the faster nature of filming in the independent horror film We invoke the darkness -In which Hasson co-stars with Alexandra Daddario (Why women kill), Amy Forsyth (The way) and Logan Miller (Escape room) – As a rewarding experience linking her to her co-stars, she discovered that working with Wan was "exciting" and the transition between projects to be a unique experience.

"It was so much fun working on that, so different from shooting We invoke the darknessWhich is a super low budget and independent and we were constantly flying around the seat of our pants trying to stay afloat, which made us fun and brought us all together very quickly. " Hasson laughs. "After that, I moved on to James Wan, who is like the king of horror, he's a very well-oiled machine."

While Hasson did not reveal any details of the plot of the currently highly secretive project, he did notice some intriguing effects. Prestidigitation Mastermind is toying with the movie, which recently pulled out of release schedules amid the global health scare.

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"There are all these crazy quirky lightning and weather signal setups, he created rain and lightning indoors, and it was very different but just as cool." Hasson said. "James has a very clear vision of what he wants to do and knows exactly how to do it and he will not stop until he gets exactly what he wants and it was really inspiring to be a witness."

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Evil one will star Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle), Jake Abel (Supernatural), George Young (Containment), Hasson, Michole Briana White (Encino Man) and Jacqueline McKenzie (Pine gap)

The film, the plot of which is kept secret, is based on a story co-written by Wan and his fiancé Ingrid Bisu, who starred The nun and recently got engaged to the 42-year-old Australian director. Wan will also produce the film through his Atomic Monster poster alongside Michael Clear. The film is funded through Starlight Media and Midas Innovation, which will be distributed in China as New Line handles the remaining distribution. Evil one apparently unrelated to James Wan's graphic novel Evil man, previously configured as a feature film on Fox, although given the titles it is not difficult to imagine a connection.

However, DC Comics fans don't have to worry, as Wan's current plan is to move into pre-production in the sequel to last year's commercial and critical success. Aquaman after production the horror project ends.

We invoke the Darkness, which has received highly positive reviews from critics since its debut at the Fantastic Fest in September, will premiere on digital platforms and VOD on April 10!

Evil one
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