Magic: The Gathering documentary on the team path behind The Toys That Made Us


Magic: The Gathering is receiving a documentary titled Lighting the spark, The story of magic: the meeting, which tells the story of the game since its launch in 1993.

The toys they made us Producer Brian Stillman will be co-directing with Kelly Slagle, who participated in the creation of a documentary about Dungeons & Dragons called Of dice and men. In the role of the producer is Brian Volk-Weiss, CEO of The Nacelle Company and the same man behind Netflix The toys they made us Y The movies that made us. In total, it seems the perfect team to cover MagicMore than 25 years of history.

"Magic: The Gathering it is a classic success story, a homegrown game that came from nowhere and achieved worldwide success, "Stillman and Slagle said in a press release." It has brought joy to millions of people and on the way it has completely transformed the gaming industry We can't wait to tell this story. "

Magic was created by the mathematician who became game designer Richard Garfield, and was first published by Wizards of the Coast. The game popularized the format of the collectible card game, leading to modern games such as Hearthstone Y Gwent as well as hundreds of other board games. Since then, more than 50 expansions have been created, called card games. Recent issues in the editorial indicate that more than 35 million people have played the game worldwide.

Magic: The Gathering It has been a competitive professional circuit for a long time. Now that professional circuit is in transition to digital space with Magic: The Gathering Arena, a digital version of the card game. The 26th Magic World Championship is just around the corner, with $ 1 million at stake.

A platform or launch date has not yet been announced, but with Avengers Final Game directors Anthony and Joe Russo working on a Magic: The Gathering Netflix shows, the future of Magic's media is to look good.


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