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Is big. The story was made last year at WrestleMania 35. For the first time, a women's party spearheaded the program, which seemed an impossible dream just a year earlier. It was a real game change and the peak of women's struggle. Becky Lynch won the main triple threat event and has maintained the title since then. That makes it a great game in WrestleMania 36 and now we know where the game is going for the title.

From time to time, WWE will do everything possible to organize an important game in advance without revealing what they will do. The problem arises when you know what is coming and it becomes very obvious, which makes the coming weeks feel unimportant. WWE made that happen again this time and now we have the set of parties quite obvious.

On Sunday in the Elimination Chamber, Shayna Baszler won the Elimination Chamber match to become the # 1 contender for the Lynch Raw Women's Title, with her chance at the WrestleMania 36 title. Baszler eliminated all five opponents in the match with Kirifuda Clutch, including Asuka for the final victory The WrestleMania match will be Baszler's singles pay event debut.

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Opinion: I don't think anyone was really surprised by this and that's not the best in the world. At the end of the day, WWE had made it quite clear that Baszler was the next challenge for Lynch and, out of a last-minute detour, that's what we were going to get. Baszler vs. Lynch is a match that should be a blunt fight, but it wasn't the most exciting way to get there.

Do you like the result? How would you have set up Lynch vs. Baszler? Let us know in the comments below.


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