Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ comic Book will return after Almost A Year! Details Inside

Marvels is in the heart of people and everyone whoever has watched marvels they know how patriotic they are of its comic. It has been almost one year and marvels have recently announced its arrival of comic book. Blank panther has captured a largest place in the hearts of people and millions of people have read Marvel comic characters. Last comic was published in March 2020 and this pandemic blocked other publications.  Fans had to wait for this and now their wait is about to end this year and they can expect it in the beginning of 2021. 

Almost a year 

This year 2020 made so many readers of marvel wait but all of them showed respect and waited for their favourite comic to arrive. Black Panther has secured a special place in the hearts of people and that all can notice on the face of fans. So there was an official announcement of Black Panther No.23 in February 2021. As per the news the number twenty two was skipped and this comic book will be available in the comic bookstore from number twenty three as the digital outlets. 

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An interesting phase to see and read 

Fans are waiting for this number little more because it is going to be little different than others, one is that it is going to get published after covid19. So it has been almost a year since it got published and the other thing is that people want to read the ongoing ‘’Intergalactic empire of wakanda storyline’’. Before anyone speculates here the story is going to start the end for Coates as series writer. Those who have read the series of 216 they know this series got republished with artists Brain Stelfreeze. 

Wait is over now

So it is just one month and wait is going to be over, actually it has got over and blank panther No 23 is going to be soon published. So from writer to publisher everyone is so interested in bringing everything back and introducing the next story line. Although, it is for sure the storyline is going to offer something unique and in fact, those who really have waited they are going to get something new and precious. Marvel has earned a different kind of name and fame and not just this, it has also changed the meaning of entertainment and so many people today are looking for this as the best source to find their entertainment at. Everything in this comic sounds epic and wonderful and it seems so beautiful those who read. 

Well, there is so much to know about it but for that people need to have patience. When this comic would come it would all end with those left questions. And readers can find their own answers by reading the book. So go grab the book and read it and enjoy your great time and tag people and marvels. Happy reading Marvels comic number 23.

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