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When Disney + fell, an animated series that many fans were excited to see again was Gargoyles! Many of us grew up watching that incredible program, and it is a project that Disney owns and that fans would love to see revived in some way. But for some reason, Disney is not doing anything with the property.

If Disney ever decided to revive the series or develop it as a real action series or movie, Marvel & # 39; s Moon Knight Writer, Beau DeMayoI would love to be part of the creative development team that makes it happen. When asked about other projects he might want to work on, the writer said:

"I was probably more excited, and this will probably fire me, I was more excited to see Gargoyles when Disney + fell than any other program there. I was like, oh, I'm watching Gargoyles as soon as it falls. But that was what I did while growing up. It's strange, I'm a fanboy and I'm just going where the winds take me, because the thing is like, from an external perspective, yes, what I do is really great and incredible, but at the end of the day, it's a job and there are bills that pay. So I was lucky to get the things that pay the bills, which I love. "

He continued saying:

"I'm just saying … I should probably ask, really. I thought Jordan Peele was doing something with that, I thought I heard it. But come on, how was that for the kids? There are some serious things in there."

Those serious problems and stories the program told were some of the reasons I was so intrigued when I grew up. Gargoyles Y Batman: the animated series they were programs that did not treat children as if they were stupid, like most animated programs today. These shows gave the children something to think about, taught them things and at the same time entertained them a lot! DeMayo continued saying:

"I saw that recently. I thought, & # 39; Oh, it's fine & # 39; and then, in the third season, they entered racial politics because the mayor is turning everyone against the Gargoyles. But even that opening … I think it's a four-part opening … his friends are simply killed, freeze in stone, wake up and everyone is dead and then Goliath's ex-girlfriend has become a homicidal maniac, expressed by Commander Troi " .

Before jumping to work at Marvel Moon Knight For, DeMayo helped develop the first season of The Wizard for Netflix, as well as its next spin-off anime The Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf.

It would be amazing if Disney finally moved forward with a Gargoyles project, and if they did, I'm sure Demayo would be a great addition to the creative team.

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