Matt Reeves teases Robert Pattinson's Batman suit in a new video


Production is now underway in Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN, and fans have been hungry for their first look at Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit; Well, look no further because Matt Reeves has shared a camera test that shows Pattinson wearing the new Batsuit. We don't have a good view of the whole thing, but it is certainly enough to keep us talking until we have more. Check it out!

Robert Pattinson certainly has a low chin, and I love that we have a clue to what Adam West's Batman hood looks like. In a follow-up cheepMatt Reeves stated that the camera test was filmed by THE BATMAN's director of photography, Greig Fraser, and rated by Michael Giacchino. According to The Wrap, THE BATMAN will explore Bruce Wayne & # 39; s second Year as the dark knight. He is still a rookie. Well, what do you think of this first glimpse of Robert Pattinson as Batman?

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THE BATMAN stars Robert Pattinson (THE LIGHTHOUSE) as the Dark Knight, Zoë Kravitz (Big Little Lies) as Catwoman, Paul Dano (SWISS ARMY MAN) as The Riddler, Jeffrey Wright (WITHOUT TIME TO DIE) as Commissioner Gordon, Andy Serkis (STAR ​​WARS: THE LAST JEDI) as Alfred Pennyworth, Colin Farrell (DUMBO) as Penguin and John Turturro (The Night Of) as Carmine Falcone. We still don't know much about THE BATMAN at this time, but Matt Reeves has joked that he will finally do justice to Batman's reputation as the world's best detective.

It is largely a point of view, a story of black Batman. It is told very directly on his shoulders, and I hope it is an exciting but also emotional story. It's more Batman in his detective mode than we've seen in the movies. Comics have a history of that. He is supposed to be the best detective in the world, and that has not necessarily been part of what movies have been. I would love it to be one in which when we undertake the journey of locating criminals and trying to solve a crime, allow your character to have a bow so he can go through a transformation.

THE BATMAN is already scheduled for a June 25, 2021 launching.


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