Meghan McCain Claps Back At ‘View’ Fan’s Shady Comment

It is nothing new that the celebs go on receiving amazing responses from their fans on their social media handle. While some of their opinions sound to be sarcastic, others appear to be friendly and inspiring as well. Meghan McCain recently replied to a sarcastic comment about the longer hair she showed off on the latest episode of ‘The View’. She shares it along with a feisty message that mentioned her ‘hair extensions and hair pieces.’ Meghan McCain who is currently 36 years old does not count anyone to be calling out for drying those hair extensions. However, it is also apparent that she is not at all ashamed of using the hair pieces. 

The View co-star was seen flaunting the longer locks of her hair on the 9th of feb episode of the Tiktok show. She shared it as a Twitter user headed Twitter the sarcastic comment about the really fast growth of her hair. She doesn’t appear to mind it at all nor did she hesitate to respond back to it with her own bold and confident message. The user wrote, “Meghan’s natural hair grew really fast,” alongside a bunch of laughing emojis. To this, Meghan responded, “Can a b*tch experiment with extensions and hair pieces? It’s the pandemic, I don’t have that much to entertain me anymore.”

It was also seen that Meghan received a lot of support from my followers who had agreed with her comment and they have also written, “First it was your eyeshadow, now your extensions. People always got something to say. Meghan… you should dress how you feel!” Another follower wrote while mentioning her four-month-old daughter Liberty in their message while stating, “You do whatever works for you. It’s lovely. Haters gonna hate no matter what, seems to be their lot in life unfortunately. I just pray that things get better. That’s all anyone can do. Liberty has a beautiful, fierce mom.”

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