Men in Black 4 is happening, Here’s what we know

Men in Black 4 release date

We have recently got an update About Men in Black 4. Men in Black franchise is one of the most popular and loved movie series in the sci-fi genre. It is loosely based on Marvel Comics of the same name. Nowadays it is been in talks as Sony Pictures had confirmed that work on the movie has been started.

The last movie under this franchise, Men in Black 3 was released in 2012. Since then it has been a long time and fans are wondering why it did not get the fourth sequel till yet. Now finally for your surprise, it is happening. The good news is we do not have to wait too much for its release. This time there will be a female agent too. Any idea who is she? Go on and find out by yourself.

Development: The movie is under the production of Sony Pictures. Matthew Holloway is writing the story of this movie. He had written the stories for Transformers and Batman The Last Knight as well. F. Gary Gray ( Director of Fast and Furious 8) has been locked down as director for this movie. Some sources suggest that few scenes of the movie have been shot in London. So, London might be the setting of the movie.

What to expect: There is not much information available about the movie plot. However, there are some sources according to which the next part of Men in Black will not be the usual Men in Black 4 but it will be a completely different series.  It will rather be a spin-off according to IMDb. The movie will be around London based agents solving some mystery and travelling around the world.

Star-cast: The original main leads of the last three movies, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith will not be a part of Men in Black 4. The makers have confirmed that the original star-cast will not be present in the next sequel. They are rather focusing on bringing some new faces in the MIB series. Will Smith himself said that three movies are enough for him. This is quite a news!

According to IMDb, the movie is starring Chris Hemsworth as an agent and he might be the lead character in the movie. Hemsworth recently posted a picture with Emma Thompson with hashtag MIB. Emma will be playing the role of agent 0.

Besides them, Liam Neeson, Rafe Spall and Kumail Nanjiani will also be starring in the movie.

Release Date: The shooting has already been started for the movie in London. The release date is confirmed to be June 14, 2019, by the makers.  

It is indeed one of the best sci-fi movies. We are glad that after 6 years the fourth sequel is finally coming. This time there will be major changes. It will not be the same without Smith and Jones.

Although we don’t know the plan of makers, we have high expectations as the creative team is strong and will definitely serve something great on our plates like every time.

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