Is Micromax A Chinese Company? Tracing The Smartphone Manufacturer’s Origin

Micromax has finally returned to the smartphone segment by unveiling two new Indian devices. The business releases a budget-friendly and higher-end Micromax IN 1 and IB note. But, in recent wars, the anti-China feelings have increased among a majority of Indians between India and China. While Chinese companies find it difficult to sell their products in India, many Indian citizens, including various others, have also boycotted Chinese smartphones.

Because Indian citizens continue to argue against buying Chinese-linked products, many buyers are frequently concerned with the origin of different brands. Micromax is a brand like that that may appear to certain people to be a Chinese producer. So let us take you to Micromax and tell you if Micromax is an Indian brand or a Chinese one.

Micromax has a major retail footprint as one of India’s leading mobile firms. It is an Indian mobile company with its headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana, India. YU Televentures, an Indian consumer electronics brand established in December 2014, is also its owner.

Micromax has no origins in China, but remains firmly opposed by prominent and existing Chinese smartphone companies operating in India. It was one of the big players in the Indian smartphone industry before the arrival of Chinese manufacturing firms a few years ago began losing its ground.

The firm, however, has finally returned to capitalise on the Connected Incentive Scheme (PLI) of the Indian Government and is competing with foreign brands. In addition, the Indian manufacturer will invest in the MSME sector to grow the electronics ecosystem in the country in the next couple of years. For over two years now, Micromax has been out of the production of smartphones. The business strives now to participate in the enterprise market and with its latest launch it also takes part in the preceding price category. 

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