Micromax is set to unveil 5G phones at competitive price

Micromax is expected to invest whopping 500 crores in manufacturing as well as research and development till 2022.

In a move to consolidate its position and to make the brand more charismatic, the move will enhance the portfolio. This will help the brand to re-capture the lost grounds as the tag of being the leaders is set to gain its lost sheen. 

Micromax has a whopping budget amounting to 500 crore which it will be using to invest in series of its operations and also to address the high demand by bringing more manufacturing handsets. 

Micromx co-founder views that currently the brand consists of two products and is hopeful about adding another product by Match end. Right from April onwards, it is expected to bring 4-5 more products every quarter and then to refresh the portfolio every 6-8 months. The overall statement seems to be quite a teaser and if everything falls in place, then the news is surely going to create a pleasant change for the company.

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He further informed that the company is dutifully working towards bringing the device in the second half of year.

Huawei seems to be caching in the craze which is sort of surrounding the 5G smartphones, as the interest amongst people is picking up and Huawei wants to be in the forefront of bringing this technological invention very soon.

The company is also physically expanding its base with opening of offices in over 15 states along with 18,000 retail counters by next week. 

Micromax has a manufacturing capacity of currently 2 million smartphones every month and it is all set to scale up to 3 million units sooner. 

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The brand has already invested a whopping 100 crores if the previous year is to be taken into account. The investment has certainly boosted the technological aspect by adding surface-mount technology. 

Sharma sides the government as it is inclined towards promoting products which are manufactured locally as it makes people self reliant in terms of creating greater degree of employment opportunities. He used the most obvious and naturally significant word which has been used by the government in the form of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. In order to encourage entities with an idea  of manufacturing local goods, the government has ensured an extended incentive of 4-6% on incremental sales. 

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It is true that mobiles have huge market and this is the phase for Micromax to regain its lost grounds. Since, so many brands in the form of Xiami, Oppo and Vivo seem to have overpowered the Indian market by furnishing the best of brands. 

Micromax has created a much needed comeback last year with the launch of two smartphones. It again set to purchase devices in the range of 7000-25000.

One thing is for sure, the brand seems to hit the market with a bang and there seems to be no stopping for it. Let’s have fingers crossed till then as everyone seems to be glued to the updates.

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