Miley Cyrus revealing why she’s more into females than males

Recently, in a new interview, Miley Cyrus got incredibly candid with the Sirius XM’s Barstool Radio who had revealed why she finds women ‘way hotter’ as compared to the men. Miley Cyrus has been having a life that is just like an open book as things get stuck to her personal life. The Midnight Sky singer who is currently 28 years old, was found talking about her attraction to the women versus men. Miley said it during her appearance on Sirius XM’s Barstool Radio that girls are way hotter, and we all know this! Miley continued to discuss her sexuality and then she didn’t hold back it at all, and really went there! 

The singer said, “Everyone I think can agree that from ancient times d**ks make wonderful sculptures. Other than that, I’m not as interested.” Miley had further explained that how she did primarily see certain parts of the men’s bodies as sculptures, and art pieces. She further added, “I love the shape, I think it looks really good on a table.”

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Miley dove deeper into her own observations on attraction, and why she prefers to explore romantic relationships with women. She further explained, “I felt like the women I ended up being around, the role fit easier for me, because even in my relationship with men, a lot of the times, I kind of hold a more dominant space.”

Miley who was previously married to Liam Hemsworth had become more and more forthcoming about her sexuality as she matured in her career. The singer even talked about how she was identified as queer back in the year 2015 even while she has been in a relationship with Liam. Miley’s love life has been quite interesting to her fans as well since that time itself. She then split from Liam during the summer months of 2019. Miley had a highly publicized, romance with Kaitlynn Carter. Although this relation has been short lived, the twosome was seen together quite often and they seemed to be practically inseparable. They had been friends for quite some time before they actually took their relationship up to the next level.

Further, Miley went on dating the singer, Cody Simpson after the split at the end of September. The two have been working in the music industry for long, and then they were dating each other for around 10 months after which they separated their ways. Miley had been expressing herself over the years, and this unapologetic expression of hers is what the fans love to see her like! 

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