Mobile apps usage is at top in India: IT Minister Ravi Prasad

NewsDio Desk : The IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has spoke about how India is making vast use of technology for creating mobile applications and apps. He was addressing Rajya Sabha. He told about the immense success of Digital India programs which have yielded results and Indian government brings favorable platform for the Indian innovators to concentrate on bringing more apps as they have taken a big leap over the years.

He further said India has achieved the top most position when it comes to massive use of mobile applications. However, there is even a greater potential for the market to expand further in near future.

The minister spoke about how the government has given its consent for the Mobile Seva AppStore to host apps without any charge. The government app has seen quite a lot of craze and registered a total download of 8.65 crore.

The ministry is concentrating towards encouraging the local talent. For the same, it has come up with Make in India apps for the citizens, followed by Aatamnirbhar Bharat mobile app innovation challenge where a big number of app developers at 6,940 participated. Out of the same, 25 were selected in respective categories. The government rewarded them for their talent

Answering to a query with respect to whether the government is looking forward to develop its localized app hosting platform, the minister cited the example of Mobile Seva app store along with messaging centers in the respective states which circulated the messages during Covid -19 times.

He said that he expected the talent from masses to come to the fore. He cited the reason for not allowing the products of few people as to be questionable and the government is highly concerned with regards to cyber-security. For the same reason, the government equally stopped the functioning of few ads, as they were vulnerable owing to the fact that they didn’t follow the cyber security rules.

Prasad highlighted a research concentrating Indian App Market Statistics report 2021, where it said that amongst the total apps present on android, 5% constitutes that of Indian app developers. 

The minister felt that there is a need for an Indian app store where apps can be hosted without any charge in the beginning. He cited the example of Mobile Seva App store which is also encouraging private apps to be a part, apart from of course hosting government apps. 

The whole movement directly falls in line with the agenda of the Prime Minister who has started the Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission. 

The localized app Mobile Seva AppStore is one such extended reflection which highlights the farsighted approach of the government. As this app store has proudly hosted over 965 live apps with respect to various categories and domains of public. He went to say that it is free to upload and download the apps. 

He further said the government is making grounds which make a favorable situation for the private players to host app and along with the same, it is also looking to create its own mobile app store. 

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