Mobile games show violence and hamper youth’s mind : Javadekar

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar is concerned  at the way certain online games have become a source of addiction and epicenter of violence. Yes, he prominently mentioned PUBG as well which are really creating a volatile situation for the youngsters who are often becoming violent and short tempered after playing these games. 

He has a plan where the government is expected to create new games which promote Indian culture and that they won’t be polluting the minds of youngsters who can often be seen damaging their eyes and killing lots of their productive time in the process. 

PUBG was one of the China based and centric mobile applications which the government banned last year. 

The ministry for Information and Broadcasting is planning to start a gaming centre where series of courses relating to VFX gaming along with animation can be taught. This will create a base for the development of new games at par with the Indian culture. 

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It is expected that the courses are going to start as early as this year itself.  His views came at the time when he presided as a chief guest at the opening ceremony of virtual exhibition of ‘Khel Khel Mein’ which is concerned as the Pan Maharashtra Toy game and project design competition. 

There has been series of reactions from people who are quite exited after the government’s plan to start the courses. The concerned ministry is collaborating with IIT Bombay in this regard.  The strategy is at an advanced stage and very soon it is going to witness a practical implementation possibly with the beginning of the new session of 2021. 

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The minister said that he is feeling lucky to carry forward the legacy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is doing every bit of effort to preserve Indian values along with the cultural heritage. This aspect will create a better future for children as they will be learning about their rich traditions and what their forefathers have done for the country. Similarly, how they can inculcate the values to their children when they grow up. 

Considering the advancement in technology, there is a greater need to implement the  same by taking optimum use of technology . 

He views the fact that many games which have become a part  habit for the children are full of violence and has such a dangerous addiction that they only negatively affect children and hamper their overall upbringing. 

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He further added PUBG was the most obvious reflection. However, he views that it doesn’t serve a purpose, when it comes to people criticizing the games.  So, what now can be done is to create own games and app which is similar to #MakeInIndia. This will help youngsters to imbibe the Indian values as they are the basic and most important and relevant part of India. 

He is hopeful that such a step is going to create games in line with the culture and that youngsters will get a proper environment to grow and nurture themselves. 

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