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When it comes to the best bathroom vanities, there are many things that you should look into before actually buying one. A good vanity will give you a relaxing place for not just storing things but for also securing a fine sink. Most modern bathroom vanities come with some very elegant features all over to make a more complex yet charming look to your bathroom. But to get a high-quality vanity, you need to be careful about what you’re installing. If you do not pay attention to details, then you might end up with a vanity that does not fit your bathroom at all. So here are some of the most important things that you should look into before purchasing a new bathroom vanity for your bathroom:

First and foremost, you should never install two pedestal-type vanities in your bathroom. This is because a single pedestal vanity takes up more space than a double pedestal one. Instead, you can install a single pedestal with an Ada Compliant Bathroom Sinks | Rectangular Undermount Sink or a cabinet. This will save you some floor space as well as enabling you to move your furniture around the room as your needs require.
Another tip is to get a slim-line cabinet instead of a bulky vanity cabinet. Slim-line cabinets are thinner and sleeker than their counterparts, which makes them perfect to use in small spaces like bathrooms.

When choosing your vanities, it is important to choose a material other than hardwood, porcelain, and laminates because they are not durable and might cause damage to the flooring. Laminate vanities and hardwood vanities have the highest durability ratings. For the same cost, you could get better quality wood vanities that will last much longer.

One disadvantage to laminate vanities and hardwood cabinets is that they are more difficult to clean. The reason is that the laminate is glued to the surface of the cabinets. Therefore, it is hard to remove the actual cabinet and then replace it with a new laminate cabinet. Hardwood cabinets typically have more pieces that can be cleaned easily and do not have glue residue on them. These types of vanities typically come in powder coat finishes so that the finish will remain for a long period, making them easy to maintain.

A lot of people also opt for standard cabinet-style vanities over custom-built ones because they do not feel that the custom-built vanity is necessary to make any difference. This argument is that custom built kitchen cabinets are generally a lot bulkier and heavier than the stock cabinet-style vanity. However, standard kitchen cabinets are also heavier than the average kitchen cabinets so you do not necessarily have to sacrifice on looks just because you opted for standard cabinet-style vanities. Also, it is important to note that cabinet-style vanities do not usually come in single pieces but rather in groups of varying sizes.

One reason why homeowners choose standard height wood vanities is to add space to their bathrooms without making them look overcrowded. Therefore, when deciding on whether to go with a standard height wood vanity or a custom-built one, it is important to keep in mind that solid wood bathroom vanities do come in a variety of heights. For instance, some wood vanities can be as low as four feet and as high as six feet. Naturally, if you choose to get a wood vanity that is taller than four feet, then it might not be the best choice because you will have limited floor space.

Of course, standard height wood vanities do offer more storage space than their customized counterparts. Therefore, if you are looking for extra storage space and a larger bathroom vanity than a standard height wood vanity will offer you. However, it is important to note that many standard height vanities can only hold a maximum of nine and a half inches of items. This means that you will either need to buy a larger sink to accommodate all of your items or else put some things into the washbasin that you do not want to be out on display in your bathroom.

The final type of modern bathroom vanity, that you should consider is the combination vanities. A combination vanity unit usually offers a mirror on both sides of the sink so that you can gain access to both of your hands while brushing your teeth. They also usually offer to shelve for storing other items such as your toothbrush and other personal items. In addition to offering more storage space, a combination vanity also offers you a bit more design options. Therefore, if you are looking for a contemporary look to your bathroom, then the combination vanities could be the perfect fit.

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