Modern Warfare Warzone leak reveals gulags, killstreaks


Get an idea of ​​where to fall when Warzone is launched.

Activision / Infinity Neighborhood

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare began its second season on February 11 with additional maps, weapons and the inclusion of Ghost as a new operator for players. Since its inception, however, multiple online leaks have appeared in a new battle royale mode, including a video that seemed to offer more details of what will come.

Warzone is the rumored name of the real battle mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. YouTuber Chaos posted a video on Monday that seemed to reveal new information about the game, but then deleted it. The 11-minute video now removed included images of the game, as well as details that it provided through comments. The Redditors in the Warzone subreddit saw the load and created copies of it.

A new information about Warzone revealed in the video was the inclusion of gulags. Players who are killed will find themselves in these prisons where they will have to fight one on one to reappear in the game, according to the leak. Apparently, other players will be able to watch from above while they wait for their turn, and they can even throw stones at those who fight underneath.

Warzone may also have a different way of handling revive. Players can buy the ability to revive their teammates at the buying stations located throughout the map, according to the video. They can also pay for killstreaks, which are special attacks that can kill multiple players in an area through bombs and attack vehicles.

Other details mentioned in the video were the games of 150 players, armor to help protect against bullets, lootable weapons from fallen enemies and several vehicles available to cross the map. Warzone will also be free for anyone, which means that Modern Warfare is not required, according to Chaos.

Activision and Infinity Ward did not immediately respond to a confirmation request.

YouTuber TheXClusiveAce posted a video on February 16 that shows what the Warzone map could be. On the recently added Atlas Superstore map, players can glimpse where battle royale mode could take place using a spectator camera. A bird's eye view shows that several of the multiplayer maps come together to form a larger map.

Call of Duty Warzone

What the Warzone map would look like.


In December, a data miner on Reddit posted details of a real battle mode, such as map locations, a 200-player count per game and a single comeback token available so that players can return to a game when they fall. but you can only do this once per game.

As for when Warzone mode will be released, sources tell Video Game Chronicles that it will launch sometime in early March, with March 10 being the most likely release date considering the game update schedule.


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