Mom gave birth in Covid while in a coma

Sameera Khan who is currently 28 years old gave birth to a new born by C-section while she was in a coma. She was rushed to the hospital from her London home on January 8. At that time, she was just 29 weeks pregnant. She became ill with coronavirus and her oxygen levels fell down. She was having a very critical circumstance despite she managed to give birth to the baby. She was suffering from an induced coma on that following day as her condition started deteriorating rapidly. Her baby girl was born via emergency C-section. 

The baby is born inside an incubator and she was then in a stable condition but Sameera has been fighting for her life. Everyone including her family and friends waited to reaceive an update of the new mom. Linda Ha who has been her best friend since the year 2004 said that Sameera was not doing well. The doctors have also reported that her oxygen level is falling low and she doesn’t seem to recover any time sooner. 

Sameera’s husband Sulaman Khan, who happens to be a 27-yr-old construction worker, is struggling to look after their older children. The kids are of eight, six, and four, and the husband has been taking care of them on his own. The family waits for news on Sameera’s condition. Linda said that her kids have been asking “when is mummy coming home?” She said, “we have to be honest with them, but we have to hide the bulk of it until we know.” She further added, “It’s their daughter’s birthday next Monday, and that’s the first birthday that she’s may not be with her mum.”

It is indeed very sad to let you know about this condition of Sameera but we have no other way but to inform you about the harsh truth. We truly pray to the God to see if things can get fine all over again! We wish that Sameera gets back to her family fit and fine all over again. 

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