Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild Series- Release date, Cast And Storyline

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After the monster hunter legends of the guild series came out, fans were begging for a movie. They finally got their wish! The monster hunter legends of the guild cast are set to be revealed this Friday and it’s going to be huge. Fans are excited to see what kind of plot will unfold in the monster hunter legends of the guild series. We cannot wait for this monster-hunting adventure!

Release date:

12 August 2021

Cast and characters:

– Tom Cruise as Ludo

– Charlize Theron as Cera

– Nick Jonas as Ernest Greene

– Nicole Kidman as Queen Valis

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Plot details:

The monster hunter series is set to release in 2021 and will have a plot about a young boy named Arden who was raised by dragons. When he finds out that his mother has been taken captive, it’s up to Arden and his monster friends to travel across the land. Along with some new faces, the monster hunter legends of the guild series will be an action-packed movie that’s sure to get you excited for what might come next.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild | Netflix Official Site

Arden is joined by new monster friends in monster hunter legends of the guild book one as he sets out to find his mom, and all-new monsters appear such as the slime, wyverns, behemoth-and some old favorites return too!

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Arden lives in monster hunter legends of the guild world with his monster family. He’s always been accepted for who he is, but when a girl named Vee arrives in town things start to change. With her help, Arden learns about his true identity and comes face-to-face with their shared enemy: an evil monster hunter looking to capture all monsters and study them.

As they search for Arden’s mother, she reassures him that he’s not alone-even when they’re apart. And through the monster hunter legends of the guild series, a new bond is formed as Vee and Arden both discover more about their worlds.

What is Monster hunter legends?

When I was little my family and friends told me monster stories. It’s the only way we could sleep at night, listening to those old legends of our world. But some of them were so scary that even now when it’s just you and me, I still get scared.

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Arden also has a monster daughter who he’s been training as his apprentice for years. And she knows that monster hunter legends of the guild series are holding her dad accountable for what he’s been doing to the monster world.

With all this on his plate, Arden has a plan to finally destroy monster hunter legends of the guild series who are after him and get revenge for what they did to him in that lab many years ago.

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