Mordhau manages to sell half a million copies during its first week

Mordhau Game Play

Mordhau is a medieval-themed hack and slash multiplayer video game created by a Slovenian independent studio called Triternion. The game is based on a competitive skill-oriented gameplay and unique character customizations.

The game’s uniqueness is reflected in its hand to hand melee combat systems which are inspired by medieval fighting styles, techniques, and weapons. It also includes the use of ranged weaponry, sieges and mounted combat in its gameplay.

The initial funding for the game came through a Kickstarter where It managed to raise close to $300,000 during the initial phase. The game’s success came as a surprise even to Triternion, as it managed to sell nearly 500,000 copies on Steam in about a week’s time and managed to climb up on Stream’s most popular games list.

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Nobody expected the rampant growth of Mordhau as the gameplay mainly revolved around exploring the medieval terrains and bashing up other people with the back-in-the-days weaponry. But it’s quite easy to guess why a game filled with battlefield mayhem and chaos, in which everyone is running around armed with all kinds of sharp, pointy and stabby things used as weapons, managed to capture people’s imagination and turned it into the 11th most popular title on Steam.

The game also boasts surprisingly vivid and detailed visuals, personalized character customizations, and highly detailed melee combat

The game broke its own record when it recorded over 60,000 users playing concurrently at its peak. The quick success also brought about a challenge to the development team who have been consistently working on increasing the server capacity to match the increasing demand for the game and fixing bugs and glitches.

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Triternion in its recent blog post revealed that it is currently also working on expanding its server pools and adding a server to regions that didn’t exist before, to increase its user base. The team is also working on bugs related to matchmaking, where users are prevented from quickly joining the game servers, which results in slower matchmaking time for the battle royal play mode.

As a response to the first week glitches during the launch, Triternion has promised to compensate the players for all their missing gold and experience points when they launch the next patch. The team is also said to be working on two new maps for the gameplay and plans to include more cosmetic add-ons and customizations.

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As the team continues to work on the betterment of the game, Mordhua continues to grow in its popularity and fanbase. The fun chaos of medieval violence and brute is managing to grab attention world over. It’s accuracy in the historical depiction of armour, weapons, fighting styles and terrain has been acclaimed and well received. Triternion has acknowledged that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in streamlining the game but It is exciting to envision how the game unfolds in the coming years and the new experiences that it will allow its users to go through.  

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