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More about Vince McMahon's possible XFL plans | Newsdio


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He knows how to be the evil boss. Earlier this year, the XFL launched a second time and then closed just a few months later. The company's downfall for the second time was primarily due to the spread of the Coronavirus, meaning only so much could be done. However, Vince McMahon might have an idea of ​​how to keep things going.

Shortly after the season was canceled, the XFL filed for bankruptcy, meaning that another company could buy the assets and possibly do something about them. That may not have been the most likely outcome, but then it seemed that McMahon himself might be interested in making the purchase. That sounds like something I would do, and now we know a little more about what could happen.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, part of the idea of ​​buying the company's assets after bankruptcy would be a way to avoid paying approximately $ 50 million in debt. Another part of the idea could be to get the XFL out of its television deal, which didn't give the league any revenue. If McMahon tries to buy the league's assets, it won't be until after the Coronavirus pandemic has ended. This could be more difficult since McMahon's moves with the league were not popular, including his dealings with Commissioner Oliver Luck.

The league has tried twice now. Take a look at the previous incarnations:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWlFSfYMuOA (/ embed)

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yri5QIu7vA (/ embed)

Opinion: I can't say I'm surprised by the idea of ​​McMahon trying to get the league back up for a third try, though I'm not sure how well it would go. The league was fine at best and I'm not sure if that's enough to get everything back. Then again, it's not like many of the ideas here made more sense in the first place. Maybe this could work, but I'd be quite surprised if it really did.

What do you think of McMahon's plan? Do you want me to give you back the league? Let us know in the comments below.

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