Mother Of 6 Dies From Coronavirus post delivery

What else can be sad than a young baby losing her mom just after she was delivered? The year 2020 did create a lot of loss for many, and the same happened to this younf family as well. The Covid 19 has taken away a lot of happiness from the year 2020. Several people have suffered immense loss, and there is no way to help it. A lot of people have lost their lives, and today we are going to talk of one such incident wherein a Southland family is dealing with extraordinary loss. This utter loss has occurred after a mother-of-six died from coronavirus complications. This unfortunate incident happened just days after giving birth. Certainly, this is a problem for everyone, and a huge loss for the family as a whole that can no way be compensated. 

The story of 37-year-old Veronica Guevara-Giron 

The 37-year-old Veronica Guevara-Giron died on Thursday. It happened shortly after she was tested positive for coronavirus. She was eight months pregnant with her youngest daughter and then she died after the delivery was successful. Her sister-in-law Nathalia Giron said, “She started saying that she couldn’t breathe, she developed a cough that couldn’t go away, so they ended up taking her to the hospital.” She fought for more than a week, with just oxygen and finally after this long span of mishap, the doctors finally delivered Imani 5 week prior, thereby rushing the newborn to the NICU before her mom had actually got to hold her in her pas. 

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Guevara-Giron was originally placed on a ventilator and she was never taken off post a day. The lady delivered the new norn but she was not lucky enough to witness her family growing together. Nathalia Giron said, “They called her husband and said she wasn’t getting any better, that he could come see her.” There were no underlying conditions whatsoever other than just the pregnancy and the family has made it very clear that the virus has been really awful and dangerous for anyone and everyone. Giron said, “Her number one thing was to just be safe.”

Family began a GoFundMe page

The mother delivered an infant in the hospital and there were 5 kids at the home. The family started a GoFundMe page in order to help the family. This was also an initiative taken to assist Guevara-Giron’s husband, who is a sanitation worker for the city. Giron added saying that they have been trying to see if their dad can stay home for a little longer span of time. Certainly, the family will get through this hard situation somehow, but it could never get back the loss. Giron further added, “We can give all the love and support a family can give, but we’re never going to amount to the mother she was!” We can no way help the family, other than just wishing “Rest in peace” to the lady and condolences to her family. 

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