Mother’s Day Virtual Celebration 2020 : Ideas and Ways

Mother’s Day Virtual Celebration 2020 : Ideas and Ways

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days in everyone’s life. This year Mother’s Day is falling on this upcoming Sunday, 20th May. All people want to spend this special day with their mother. It’s a very good time to show them how much they love and care for them. Everyone wishes to be with their loved ones at this special event. Its Significance is even much greater than any other festival.

However, all of us are aware of the critical situation through which the whole world is fighting. Due to the crisis of the novel coronavirus pandemic, we all are facing a tough situation. Also because of lockdown, many people are stuck in different places far away from their homes. Many people are not present in their home due to this pandemic situation. However, there is nothing to worry. Just because you are not at home with your mother doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this event. It’s all love emotions that cannot be separated by the wall of a virus. One can celebrate this event virtually. Almost all of us are in touch with the internet. We can make use of this platform for making this moment wonderful. Here are some ways to celebrate this mother’s day in a virtual way.

1st mother’s day idea: Virtual picnic dinner

It is quite amusing how one can have dinner without being in touch. Of course, we can do it. Also, this idea will make them feel good. Although the restaurant and hotel are closed today, home deliveries are still open. Also, you make food of your own and order them their favorite food. All of the family can join through video conferencing and make this moment memorable.

2nd Mother’s day idea: Virtual home movies

All mothers want to watch a movie with their family. It is a very good idea of family gathering and having fun. Since all movie theatres are closed due to pandemic conditions, it is not possible to hang out outside. However, this could be simplified through online platforms. There are several online streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and also several Regular cable channels are there.

3rd mother’s day idea: Virtual happy hours

Time is the most precious thing that everyone wants. All that your loved ones want from you is a good time. Therefore, you can make them feel special by giving them as much time via physical contact or video conferences. Share your wonderful memories. Get their favorite beverages (out of touch from children) and make this day awesome.

4th mother’s day idea: Virtual classes

Perform some fun activities via an online call like dancing, drama, cooking, and other fun activities. Make a good environment for their happiness. All family gatherings will be quite amazing and awesome with this kind of fun class.

5th mother’s day idea: Virtual tour of museum, zoo, theme park

All parks, zoos, and museums are closed this day. But you can still visit these places virtually. Yes, most of these places are availing virtual trips and it will really be great fun. You may try this. It will make your day joyful.

I Hope this idea will be helpful for you. Make this Mother’s day a memorable one.


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