Motivate Your Workforce with a Corporate EFTPOS Gift Card

EFTPOS Gift Card

Corporate gift cards are great motivators for any business. It is a type of non-cash incentive redeemed for various items a person wouldn’t otherwise buy. Gift cards are versatile rewards because they provide a catalytic effect on job betterment.   

For businesses aiming to provide value to their employee’s initiatives, using redeemable prizes like the eftpos gift card always helps. It can be used as a trophy of recognition for topping performance benchmarks or a simple token of appreciation.

Market research indicates that gift cards are more compelling than cash incentives. It allows a person to give more effort to his job because of the tangible item that can be personally used. Gift cards provide the versatility and flexibility you need without the associated downsides of a cash reward. 

Gift Cards Bring in the Trophy Value

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Purchases using a gift card are much more memorable than cash because it provides the “Trophy Value”. Like winning an actual trophy in sports, gift cards have an indelible effect on a recipient because they give you long-lasting satisfaction.

For example, if you constantly top your business metrics, a gift card reward is a way to recognise your valuable contribution. Often, it does not have the same effect as actual cash, although they are of the same amount or have the same value. 

The reason behind this circumstance comes from its continual reminder of how the company recognises your efforts. In other words, an item purchased using a gift card has sentimental value, and the attached emotions bring more importance to your purchase. Additionally, it also creates a ripple effect on any business as workers are ignited to achieve similar goals.

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Gift Cards Offer Its Recipients a Guilt-free Spending

A non-cash incentive reward like the eftpos gift card is often treated as a justifiable reason to buy something you’ve always been wishing. The card is preloaded with any amount and redeemed for luxury items without feeling guilty of the purchase. 

You might have been secretly wishing for a television upgrade. A gift card can be a good thank you prize for your performance, allowing you to get the extra funds. It would give you the extra money so you can purchase the electronics brand you want. 

For business owners, using a gift card is an attractive way to capture an employee’s initiative so you can easily achieve your business goals. It not only creates value but it is also a good way of preserving relationships. A gift card might be a simple token, but it can have a lasting impact on your business. 

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If you are looking for something that will help move your employees towards your company goals, a gift card creates that subtle yet tangible effect. It is touted as the preferred motivator in the consumer as well as the B2B industry. It builds business strength by offering its recipients a reward that is both redeemable and memorable.

Gift cards provide the trophy value, which is often not found in cash incentives. It is flexible and can be customised according to your business needs.  A non-cash reward like the eftpos gift card brings more value to your business, creating an exponential effect to improve work performance and reinforce organisational values. 

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