Mr. Beast has put the prize money of $100,000 for solving the trickiest riddle. Let’s check out more:-

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YouTube Star Mr. Beast is in the news for allotting the biggest ever prize money of $100,000 towards solving the riddle of his. Yes, he has termed it to be the trickiest and hardest one.

He is just 22 years old and he uploaded a video titled “Solve This Riddle For $100,000 on his channel dated July 30th, 2020. The video naturally gains lots of attention where he begins by showing how the huge piles of money could be yours if you solve the riddle. Well, in order to create a more transparent approach to the whole prize money, his way of showing the heap of notes, will only bring transparency to his announcement for sure. .

Let’s find out more about Riddle

The Riddle involves 26 steps and considering the allotted money, this will involve hell lot of your brain power. He pushes the vase kept on a petite white table while picking the hammer.  He then says that there could be a potential clue for people from going to the 21st step from the 20th or there could be a possible distraction. After all, considering the extent of money involved, it is going to tax your mind a lot and it will certainly not be an easy operation for sure. 

There is one thing clear while looking at the video where it seems that the riddle seems to get harder. 

Through the process of explaining the riddle, Mr. Beast shows the images of memes sticking on the wall. He says that he is providing quite a strong clue when he throws the bucket of orbeez into a picture of Yoda on a framed meme. He then asks his friend, “What’s the number” and there’s the reply “78”

After that, there’s a WhiteBoard where all the mathematical equations are written and one of the highlights from that board is “Solve to skip to Step 10”. Yes, that’s the line which is visible in the lower portion of the whiteboard. He waits for a few seconds on the white board with a ruler and throws it behind while proceeding. 

Thanks to how the video progresses, Chandler, who is Mr. Beast’s friend, can be seen eating cookies. 

While you look closely at different sections of the video, you will realize how fast all the actions are completing one after another and that’s how the riddle may be all about.

Different actions unfold one after another and that’s where he has played himself really well.

Whoever wins the riddle, only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, that the whole exercise is all about creating hype for himself amongst his fans and that he has achieved a big success on this front for sure. 

He is a man with a brain and the riddle involves lots of it, so for those who are eyeing towards achieving something big or in other words, want to win the riddle, then they have to go overboard, towards matching the capabilities of Mr. Beast. Yes, he has proved himself with the video that there will be so many riddles to pass one after another and that the subsequent ones will only be difficult for sure. 

There is a framed picture on the wall beside him with “Z” written in yellow font color.

Mr. Beast tells those who want to solve the riddle you need to look for six yellow colored alphabets and numbers through the process of video. 

According to him, the winner needs six such yellow codes in order to be officially declared and that will naturally result in claiming the prize as well. 

The whole video seems to have something very deep and interesting to say. He proceeds to different backgrounds where his actions or words do make the riddle even more challenging to say the least. 

Likewise, as the video proceeds, he shows a blue board where an Apple (arrow on it) is fixed on the top of the board with Asian language written on it. While he steps outdoors, his friend can be seen driving a gold card and shouts “Carl Jacob” twice and then he drives the cart to smash on the wall of legos. 

While the video is in the final stages of completion, he requests the fans to not call on the phone numbers which have appeared right during the video. However, as deep and confusing it actually becomes, the team has given a phone emulator and the purpose of the same is to call or text any number which the fans may see in the riddle. 

Following is the way to get Mr. Beast QR Code for step 8

If the YouTube user namely Valiant Brawler is to be believed, then after the participant has the success in clearing the Riddle Step 7, then after that, the company will send them a voice mail where they will be informed about Baby Yoda and Orbeez. (Orbeez is similar to an online prank).

Now, the participants will proceed to his Instagram’s official page where the account of Baby Yoda Riddles will be visible to them. 

That’s the exact place for finding the QR code for solving the Riddle 8

Well, every participant needs lots of prayers and wishes to succeed. Let’s hope may the deserving person win. So, take part in the riddle with high hopes by being very motivated.

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