What to consider when naming a company?

The name you give to a new business will have a significant impact on its success. Giving a title to your business without consideration to the nature of the company can make or break the connection to customers. Also, it can bring forth surmountable legal hurdles. However, a smart choice of a title can be facilitated by a free business name generator tool. 

Many entrepreneurs invest so much on packaging and hosting yet they forget the most crucial aspect, which is a name. A title should not be an afterthought because it might make all the difference. An ideal name describes what it is all about briefly but precisely. Get the name of your business right, and everything else will follow the flow. 

What to consider when naming a business

  1. Make it simple

The name should be simple, unique, and easy to spell and recall. Please don’t confuse your customers so much that they can’t recognise or trace your enterprise. Also, a direct and straightforward name will spare you the time of correcting it when it is misspelt. So, could you keep it simple but catchy?

  1. It should not limit growth.

A narrow title can be problematic down the road. Get a title that allows your business to expand and grow in relevance. 

3. Avoid initials. 

Some big enterprises have gotten away with using initials but they are BORING! Why? Perhaps because they have been around for decades. So, don’t sacrifice the start of your business thinking that if these businesses made it, then mine will too, because you will only be sacrificing it. Once your business picks up, you can use them in the future, not at the beginning. But until then, stick to a simple title.

4. Careful with geographic names.

If you intend to only work within your town or city, then you can name it after the city or region. However, if you want to grow and branch out, It will not serve you well in the future when you decide to expand to other cities.  

5. Don’t use obscure words.

A title should tell a story about what you do and if it is too tricky, feel free to seek help from a free business name generator to settle for a name that is uncommon but powerful. 

When trying to reach a mass audience, especially online, you need to be sensitive because obscure words will need a lot of investment in marketing. Spending on marketing is not the goal because it is just the beginning. 

  1. Plain words

Plain words will not make your business stand out, but they will only confuse customers. Get a title that is short, descriptive, unique and memorable. Sounding like your competitors only floods the industry with common titles doing the same thing. Be creative and win potential clients every day.

7. Pick the Title and test the name with others.

Involving a committee to help you pick a name might give you satisfactory results, but it may bring forth conflicts if you don’t use someone’s suggestion that they think is excellent. You will also be pushed to find a consensus, and you may end up with a direct boring title. 

You can seek help from a few people who understand your business and have the right brain not to get upset if you fail to use their suggested titles. Once you have suggestions, you can share with friends you trust, get feedback and settle on one. 

  1. Use specifics. 

Pick a title that gives details in numbers or days and avoid generic names without meaning. 

9. Make sure the title sounds good when said aloud.

Once you are done picking a name, say it aloud to make sure it sounds good. Words that start with the same consonants are catchy and hard to forget: for example, Coca-Cola. 

10. Use free business name generator tools.

You can search the internet extensively to find name generator tools for your business. These sites give suggestions around your keyword. They check if the title is available, they also allow you to generate it depending on your theme. 

  1. Don’t use Web 2.0-ish syndrome. 

Some entrepreneurs leave customers guessing the correct spellings to their business because of how it is written. For instance, Flickr. It is uncertain how to pronounce it with an er. Pronouncing it is quite tricky because no one knows what the owner had in mind when naming the site. Misspelling words, whether intentionally or not, can cost you big time. 

  1. Confirm if you can Trademark the name

Every entrepreneur dreams of building an empire even from humble beginnings. Consider how far you would want to go and check if the title you have settled for can be a registered trademark in the future. 


If you feel overwhelmed when choosing a business title, a free business name generator will play a significant role in the process. However, don’t be in a hurry, and whatever you settle for should be easy to read, unique, and memorable to anyone. Also, you should make sure that you are at peace with it and that you really like it. With that in mind, potential customers are likely to love your business. 

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