NCAA supports the participation of transgender student athletes, even though a few states ban them.

The NCAA is all out in support of transgender athletes as a mark of giving them the platform and opportunity to include them in the mainstream. This can be done through giving them the similar opportunity where they can participate in college sports. The news gains significance as increasing number of states didn’t permit them to participate, citing obvious reasons.

Transgender athletes need to feel included.

The NCAA’s Board of Governors is highly optimistic about the way the transgender athletes need to feel included in every aspect of life, where sports become one of the best ways to give them required attention and warmth. It is this noble aspect that the decision to include them in the sports have been taken as it speaks about the vision and fairness where they can equally co-exist with others without being judged. 

The board further spoke about the need to include them in an environment where everyone exists together without any pre-conceived notion and plays with an open mind-set. Rightly so, as it offers a path where they feel respected, loved and appreciated while moving towards an inclusive path. 

Available treatment to suppress testosterone 

The board has rightly emphasized on the need for transgender women to undergo testosterone suppression treatment so that they can play with the likes of other women. It is very much possible thanks to the evolving science. The nod is yet to be given by the International Olympic Committee along with the U.S Olympic and Paralympics Committee, which will review on the specific purpose of the participation policies. 

There has been a discussion over the same issue this month even as a big percentage of states don’t favor the participation of transgender women and girls in sports. 

While voices are becoming loud and clear against the same and the biggest proof could be that of South Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas along with Tennessee who have enacted laws that results in banning transgender women. 

While moving a step further, Arkansas has enacted a law where doctors now can’t administer gender-affirming treatment to such patients below 18 years. The decision has got huge support from National Center for Transgender Equality. 

It is the birth right of every child to get the deserving love and affection. However, the current scenario doesn’t favor them who often feel neglected and sidelined. Therefore, it is important for these kids to live life according to their own terms. 

According to the Deputy Executive Director who is supportive  as to how NCAA has made it clear that the Board of Governors extend a helping hand to the transgender athletes and in the event if any specific states passes an unfavorable law against them, then the Board should hold them accountable for the same.

The Board of Governors issued an official statement regarding the NCAA policy affirming the fact that similar participation can be held in places where proper safety as well as discrimination free environment can be ensured. While it is making efforts to NCAA championship be held in an environment which favors one and all. 

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