Neo Fusion Pinball Mods Is The Ultimate Solution For Your Pinball

If you have a pinball machine, chances are you have been dreaming of upgrading your game with pinball LED kits. Pinball LED kits are sold for the most popular games and can instantly upgrade any pinball machine – new or old.

Neo Fusion from Pin Stadium offers illumination to the game that is incredibly fantastic for brand new and older machines which have notoriously dark playfields. This product is all the rage with pinball enthusiasts as it takes the gameplay to the next level and gives a stealth factory look but with an exhilarating visual experience. Neo Fusion is an RGB/Multi-Colored(Hyperbeam Plus+ technology) + Full Spectrum White GI lighting kit.

The product offers over 16 million color options (select as per your choice), or if you are unsure, you can simply choose between the shades of Warm White, Cool White, Sunlight White, Natural White, and all-new Diamond White to make your choice easier. The kit also offers the Orion’s Belt WiFi controllable flasher system integrated into the light bars to provide an ultimate gaming experience. NEO Fusion  is an “All In One” every feature possible pair of light bars with that ever-popular stealth factory appearance. And it also auto syncs with GI/Modes!

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To make a player’s life more accessible, the kit comes with an auto-generating WiF signal that connects with PinStadium’s iOs/Android app. The app offers an easy navigation system to choose and change the color of the playfield with a simple click of their finger. All players need to do is download the app on their smartphones, and they can gain complete control of the pinball LED lighting kit.

Players can store, organize, and save all settings for the  Neo Fusion for all of their machines in one spot while independently controlling and customizing colors and illumination on a granular level. Using the camera, you can dial in an exact match color, schedule, and more. Also, the app offers the option to set up patterns – fade, jump, or strobe, to customize the game to your liking.

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If you feel apprehensive that it will be time-consuming and challenging to upgrade the machine, we have got good news for you! Neo Fusion is developed with the Plug and Play technology, making it possible to upgrade your favorite device without any tools and in under just 15 minutes. All you need to do is follow the instructional video demo, and your machine will be more potent than ever in only a few minutes.

Pinball enthusiasts are investing in Neo Fusion as it helps to dramatically change the playfield’s vibrancy and enhance their ball tracking ability. The clear, uninterrupted view of the entire playfield makes your game stronger and powerful so that players can score big. Also, Pinball is not just big scores and deeper progress into modes, but is also famous for its beautiful artwork. With an evenly illuminated playfield, you can appreciate all the little details that adorn your machines. 

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Another remarkable thing is that if you ever wish to sell or trade your game, you can transfer the NEO Fusion to another pinball machine. The Neo Fusion can be installed on any machine for incredible eye-boggling results. PinStadium also offers 24/7 customer service, ships products the same day.

Check out Neo Fusion LED kits that are ready to install and use any time. The product will maintain the machine’s original factory look, while improving your gameplay with better ball visibility. The pinball LED kits will help you to progress further in modes and scoring while also eliminating distractions, eye strains, and most importantly glass glare!!

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