Nepali climbers: Winter summit of K2 mountain

Recently, a team of 10 Nepali climbers did set a new world record. They became the first batch to reach the summit of K2 which happens to be the second highest mountain in the world. The most surprising thing is that they did go for it in the winter season. A member of the troop, Mountaineer Nimsdai Purja said that they had reached the peak at 17:00 local time (12:00 GMT). 

Talking about others, there have been a few dozens of climbers who have been on the 28,251 ft or 8,611 m mountain in this winter itself aspiring to reach the same feat. While we talk about the achievements of the mountaineers, it is also important to mention about the mishaps wherein a Spanish mountaineer did die after he fell this weekend at the time of descending. K2 which is just 200 m shorter than Mt Everest is recognised as a part of the Karakoram range and it straddles the Pakistan-China border. 

The K2 is known as one of the 14 mountains that is higher than 8000 m in terms of height, and it is greatly known as the most demanding one among all in the winter. The US mountaineer, George Bell referred to this mountain as the Savage mountain after this name struck him as he talked about his own attempt back in the year 1953. He said that it is a savage mountain that tries to kill you. Among the most treacherous sections is none other than the couloir that or liable to the waterfalls and the notorious bottleneck. Around 11 climbers were also lolled there in an avalanche back during the year 2008. 

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