Netflix’s Bright 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Bright 2 is the Netflix sequel to Bright, an action thriller starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton about a Los Angeles police officer who encounters a mythical world of orcs, fairies, and elves. Bright was one of the most anticipated films in 2017, but it didn’t end up being as successful with critics or viewers as Netflix had hoped. This article will cover all information related to Bright 2 on Netflix – including release date, cast members, trailers, reviews – so that you can decide whether or not you want to watch it!

When will Bright 2 release?

Bright 2 will be filmed in spring 2019. The filming was delayed. This is because of Bright 2’s sequel, which is called Bad Boys for Life. It was also delayed and the filming was also delayed too because of that In September 2019, Smith’s co-star Lucy Fry said that the sequel to Bright had been postponed because he was busy with other things.

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In January 2020, David Ayer said that the movie was still happening and that he hoped to get it started soon. March saw Hollywood shut down due to the Coronavirus. It’s not clear when the movie “Bright 2” will begin filming or when it will be released.

What is the plot of Bright 2?

To start, this story takes place on the first day that a new recruit in the police force meets another officer. He is an orc. The human officer is very reluctant to work with him and teach him anything. The Shield of Light is a group of magical people who live in a safe house. The Inferni are trying to bring back the Dark Lord.

Things go from being okay to being really intense quickly when they respond to the disturbance and find themselves in battle with these people. Ward and Jakoby have a tough job. They have to protect Tikka, an elf who has a powerful wand. There are also enemies that want the wand for themselves. But in the end, they stop the Dark Lord and get some official commendations for their bravery when they hide the locations of that wand.

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Bright 2 Will Reportedly Be Full-Blown Fantasy
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The Bright 2’s story is expected to be about what happened after Bright. It will also explore the magic and lore of the first film. No details have been confirmed, but in a Yahoo interview in February 2019, Edgerton said that it may explore how “the world has changed with these people who now have this incredible power.”

“All I can probably assume is that most sequels go a little bit bigger the second time around so I think we’re going to tune the dial up to eleven. There may be a slightly more international flavor about Bright 2, we might go outside the boundaries of Downton Los Angeles.”

This means that we don’t know where filming will happen. It is possible that it could be in Germany, but we don’t have any information about this yet.

Who will be starring in Bright 2?

Netflix ordered a second Bright movie. They also said that Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will be in the next one. Before the Bright 2 production team could begin filming, they had to finish other projects. At the time Bright 2 was confirmed, Smith had a busy schedule.

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What are fans expecting from Bright 2?

Bright Netflix has yet to formally announce Bright sequel Bright but there have been a few hints dropped by the production team and cast members on Twitter that they are working on it. More details about what fans can expect from Bright movie number two will be revealed once Netflix makes an official announcement for it.

Fans of director David Ayer’s original sci-fi police thriller are eager to see Will Smith and Joel Edgerton reprise their roles as LAPD officers Daryl Ward and Nick Jakoby in Bright sequel Bright so far fans seem excited at the prospect of another movie with more magic including Djinns, dragons, elves, fairies, coyotes, other creatures featured in folklore around the world.

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