Netflix’s new plan to get a target 100 million or more subscribers from India?

Netflix india

Netflix, the video streaming giant boasts approximately 130 million subscribers worldwide to their name and they look to add another 100 million from India alone. To allure the people to their brand they have already rooted themselves in Indian soil with Sacred games, a Netflix Originals directed by Anurag Kashyap.

Sacred Games has apparently been “a great success”, says Ted Sarandos who is the chief content officer of the video streaming service.  While the main motive of Netflix was to get anywhere around 100 million subscribers from India, however, only half a million have subscribed till date.

Even so, they have not stopped testing their plans to attract the fans and one ongoing trial may prove to work wonders should they launch it in India as well.

As we have got information that Netflix Inc is testing a mobile-only subscription plan in Malaysia priced at roughly half its current basic plan in the country. The global leader in video streaming said on Wednesday that Netflix’s mobile-only plan costs 17 Malaysian Ringgit ($4.05) a month, compared to its basic plan which costs 33 Ringgit ($7.87).

The company has said in an emailed response to Reuters questions that they are testing to understand consumer interest in some countries but they have declined to give further details about which countries it was testing in.

But in a recent interview, Chief executive Reed Hastings quashed speculations that the streaming video company would slash the prices for the Hotly Indian market but other officials have suggested it could trial cheaper plans in the small market.

This is a hint to the Indians who are keenly waiting to subscribe but are hesitant due to its over price tag. As of now, in India, there are 3 plans which are being used: The Basic plan which costs around Rs 500/month, a standard plan which costs Rs 650/month and lastly premium plan which can cost as high as Rs 800/ month. All of the plans have different screen numbers and picture quality, for instance, the Basic plan is cheaper but only 1 screen is provided while the premium one allows 4 screens and in addition there is Ultra HD and HD support.

We do not know for sure if the trial is going to be a successful one but in case if it flourishes then we are sure that it will garner a lot of fans from the Indian market. The target Netflix has set for Indian market (100 million) will look just like a tiny number should Netflix succeed in mobile-only subscription test in Malaysia.

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