New study shows that 70% of moviegoers would rather watch movies at home

New study shows 70% of moviegoers would rather watch movies at home

The battle between theatrical viewing of movies and the rise of PVOD, which allows viewers to watch movies at home, has been front and center since the COVID-19 pandemic closed theaters across the country. Studios, like Universal and Warner Bros., have chosen to release their new movies directly to PVOD after their cinema release dates have been compromised and they have seen great success with the method. Universal's TROLLS WORLD TOUR has earned over $ 100 million in revenue after breaking the opening weekend PVOD record, and Warner Bros. has had similar success with its animated reboot, SCOOB. Some have suspected that this shows how anxious the consumer is to watch movies in the comfort of their home, while others believe that this is happening because they do not have many options. No matter where you can find this, a new study was recently conducted that asked viewers about their viewing preferences and, if you believe it, home is where it is.

A new study by Performance Research and Full Circle Research, through "Variety," shows that theaters may have a hard time getting back into business, as it was before the pandemic. With a great concern for personal health and safety, most movie fans seem to prefer watching at home. When asked if they would rather watch premiere movies in a movie theater or as a digital rental at home, An astonishing 70% of participants say they are more likely to watch at home compared to only 13% who said they were likely to go to the movies. 17% of respondents said they were unsure which one to choose..

What's troubling about these findings for movie theaters is that not much has changed since a similar study by Performance Research in March. 52% of consumers feel that being in crowded spaces will "scare them" for "a long time" and this is higher than the 47% result first revealed in the March study when the acceleration of the health crisis took over the USA. USA

More study results show that 37% of survey participants say they plan to attend movies in theaters less frequently (compared to 28% in March) and 10% say they will never step on a movie theater again (compared to 6% in March). Showing that we all need a little lightness, tThe genre that would probably get them back in the cinema seats would be a comedy (43%) followed by drama (35%) and action (33%). The state of the world is clearly scary enough, so the horror lagged behind with 19%.

Much of this also comes down to price. Most PVOD rentals for these latest movies intended for theatrical release are priced at $ 19.99. Some have complained that this is too expensive, but if you are a family of five, for example, this is a good deal to entertain the family at home while maintaining security. The price of admission to the cinema is the same and it is only for a ticket before spending more money at the food stall. The attractiveness of seeing at home becomes more and more attractive as time goes by.

I still don't think the theatrical experience is dead, but the pandemic has certainly sparked a new studio launch strategy that most movie theaters may not be happy about in the future. This study, of course, does not speak for all of us and I am sure we know many people who are eager to return to the cinema, but the results are overwhelming. How we consume movies in the future will definitely be different now that studios have to figure out what will really attract moviegoers to risk going to the movies.

Do you agree with the study? Do you prefer to watch movies at home? Will you feel safe when you return to the cinema?

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