New year revelries being celebrated across the world

The New year Eve is one of the most important occasions of people aroind the world and this time, everyone seems to be managing their bucket of excitements in their own unique ways amidst all the hardships and restrictions that the pandemic has posee on the mankind. No doubt, people were looking forward to bare good bye to a year they would always want to forget. This pandemic gatherings seem to witness people gthering all together for TV firewotks displays, thereby trying to compensate the toast that they didn’t get a chance to raise this year with their families, friends, and near and dear ones. This happened everywhere from the South Pacific to the New York City. This New Year responses from the Asia to that of the Middle East, Europe, America and Africa revealed the national responses to the Covid 19 virus. While a few nations and cities carried out the celebration with active outbreaks, the other regions did either cancel or scale back their festivities in their own ways. 

Different countries’ response to the New year 2021 amidst the Covid 19 pandemic 

Certainly, the first country to ring the bell was none other than that of Australia. 1 million people had crowded the harbor of Sydney to watch the fireworks. The most watched thing on Television this year was the seven minutes of pyrotechnics that had lit up the Sydney Harbor Bridge along with its surroubdings by the authorities out there. The authorities had asked the residents to stay back at home. The ball was set to drop this year as well, and the police had fenced off the site which was somewhat synonymous to that of the New Year eve, so as to prevent all sorts of crowds and mass gatherings. 

Well, that was all about how Australia had celebrated the beginning of the year, and now let us witness the welcoming of another popular place, and that is, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It passed away with the revelry even in this surge of viruses. The fireworks exploded the sky over the buildings and alongside, the images of the masked healthcare professionals lit up the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Thousands of people had flooded the streets and squares to carry out the social distancing norms in their own ways. The authorities of Dubai had issued a raft of measures to control the spread of the virus, so as to control the rowdy crowds in the downtown of Dubai. Counting this measures, the bars and luxury restaurants in Dubai had definitely offered a drink alongside a blare of music, but there was no dancing. 

On the other parts of the world, such as in the South Africa, they were urged to cancel the parties and thus, light candles in the honor of the health care workers and also for the dead people who had to lose their lives in the Covid 19 pandemic. There have been night curfews in several countries and the names of those nations include Latvia, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Italy and France. The nationwide curfew in France was monitored with 100,000 law enforcement officers who flooded the streets out there. Michalis Chrisohoidis, the public order minister of Greece had strictly declared that no one should be on the streets post 10 pm in Athens. Whatsoever, with such strict measures and restrictions, the world seems to be inviting the new year with a hope in the hearts that we would certainly be able to overcome this hurdle sooner!

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