New York "Lung Hole" Nurse Dies After Hiring COVID-19


An assistant nurse manager at a New York City hospital passed away due to COVID-19. The death of Kious Jordan Kelly has raised further concerns about the lack of inadequate protection for health workers amid the growing outbreak of coronavirus in the US. USA Before his death Tuesday night, the 48-year-old Mount Sinai Hospital official told his family that he believed he had become infected while working. Kelly was born with "a hole in the lung" and suffered from severe asthma after contracting the virus, according to her sister, Marya Sherron. A colleague said Kelly worked directly with COVID-19 patients at Mount Sinai West Medical Center. He added frequently going to patient rooms and helping to decongest the emergency department and guiding patients out of the hallway to avoid exposing others. Sherron expressed concern that the lack of protective equipment for health workers contributed to the death of his brother. "There will only be more," he told NBC News. "He is not the only one with asthma. He is not the only one with conditions who will work every day helping and fighting for people." Kelly died amid a shortage of medical equipment and protective equipment for doctors and nurses in hospitals in the United States. New York has also faced challenges in treatment The rapid increase in the number of patients with COVID-19.
Mount Sinai Hospital did not confirm whether Kelly was exposed to the new coronavirus within the facility. But he said the workers received the necessary protective equipment when working with infected patients.
"This crisis is depleting the resources of all New York area hospitals and while we have and have had enough protective equipment for our staff, we will all need more in the coming weeks," said a spokesman for Mount Sinai. "This crisis is only growing and it is essential that we not only have all the right equipment, but we come together to help and support each other." Due to the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the hospital did not allow family members to visit Kelly while receiving treatment for COVID-19. Sherron said his younger brother died alone. Doctors examine hospital staff with flu-like symptoms for coronavirus (COVID-19) in tents to screen potential COVID-19 patients outside before entering the main area of ​​the emergency department at St. Barnabas Hospital. in the Bronx on March 24, 2020 in new york. New York City has about a third of the confirmed coronavirus cases in the country, making it the center of the outbreak in the United States. Misha Friedman / Getty Images. (TagsToTranslate) covid-19 (t) covid-19 pandemic (t) effects of covid-19 (t) new symptoms of coronavirus (t) of covid-19 (t) coronavirus (t) new york (t) kious jordan kelly (t) hospital mount sinai (t) coronavirus usa (t) coronavirus update (t) coronavirus usa (t) coronavirus outbreak (t) outbreak


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