News behind the scenes on why WWE reserved Shayna Baszler to destroy everyone in the Elimination Chamber | Newsdio


The reservation for the main Elimination Chamber event tonight was all from Paul Heyman, according to a WWE source.

As noted earlier today, Dave Meltzer He reported that Vince McMahon was having doubts about Shayna Baszler after watching his match with Kairi Sane last week at Raw.

The feeling of going into the pay per event was that everyone who looked at home already knew that Baszler was going to win and challenge Lynch in WrestleMania and that it was better to have her go through everyone to put her like a monster. Heyman is very much in love with Baszler even though McMahon has had doubts about her.

Heyman wanted to do this many years ago with CM Punk, but Vince McMahon rejected the idea. Looks like Heyman got his way this time.

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