Neymar hits Out At EX- Club Barcelona Over ‘dues’ Amounting To Staggering 44 Million Euros?

Recently news has left so many people shocked when Neymar the superstar of football claimed the FC Barcelona. He stated that the former club FC Barcelona still owes money to him and this he claimed publicly. That team owes €44 million and he is yet to be paid. Although at the year PSG had its lawyers and they were found appealing against a sentence given by the court in Barcelona. Meanwhile we all got to hear that Neymar had been sued by the court and the court on the other hand ordered this Brazilian forward for paying €6.7 million to FC Barcelona. 

Official statement of Barcelona 

Well, all of this news is spreading more confusion and havoc among people and everyone is standing with the question and asking for clarity on this very issue. Last year, in June Barcelona had delivered their official statement about the same issue. Their statement was this, ‘the Club completely dismisses the player’s claim, which claimed the payment of €43.6 million and it also speculates a large part of the claim that has been rendered by Barcelona and by the virtue of which the player will have to give back €6.7 million to the Club’. 

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Barcelona Sue Neymar: Will Neymar have the last laugh?

Although, both the parties are expecting the verdict will be into their favour only but everyone will have to wait to see the verdict. Whereas, the Brazilian forward is expecting the court to order Barcelona to pay him €43,650,000 Euros and this amount is to be believed by Neymar that FC Barcelona had to pay as his renewal bonus. So all the confusion and chaos is found in the statements and the amount is also big not small. 

Neymar Release clause: where did it all begin?

This payment issue which has come out from the side of Neymar and he finally took it seriously and gave a statement about it. But FC Barcelona is also giving statements from their side and it seems both have their own kind of stories the contract had been renewed but let’s see where the confusion leads and or was these statements really not out of confusion. 

Well, seeing the background and history everyone knows that Neymar shared a 4 years of destructive partnership with mate South Americans. Whereas, we also got to see that Neymar has been a very powerful player throughout his journey and his hard work obviously deserves one. But the relationship between Neymar and Barcelona started getting lethal since Neymar visited Catalunya. 

Well, all of the news is showing so many things but only the final verdict will be taken as truth by the fans of Neymar.  But everyone is praying that whatever is the truth may reveal and whatever will be right, should take place and whatever confusion is roaming around shall pass by. So we all will wait for the final verdict and we all pray truth shall reveal.

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